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2121. Bon Mots 5/9/2012
2122. Bishop's Lament 5/9/2012
2123. Whenever Rhymes Are Glorious 5/9/2012
2124. Revels With Devils 5/9/2012
2125. Not Experiencing The World 3/26/2012
2126. Brilliant Insights Vs Questions Without Answers 3/26/2012
2127. Architects And Archaeologists 3/26/2012
2128. What Are You When Not Allowed To Do What You Can Do? 5/9/2012
2129. Living Between Rage And Nostalgia 5/9/2012
2130. There Must Be More To Life Than Everything, As Maurice Sendak Said 5/9/2012
2131. Bugsplat 5/10/2012
2132. Singing In Your Reign 5/11/2012
2133. Life Is Not 5/11/2012
2134. Not Long Agao God Was In Residence 5/11/2012
2135. He Didn'T 1/26/2012
2136. Being Grasped By What We Cannot Grasp 3/26/2012
2137. Qualified Apologies 5/17/2012
2138. Writing All The World Only With The Talmud 5/17/2012
2139. Talmud Study And Basketball 5/17/2012
2140. Meeting Mediocrities, Not Socrates 5/17/2012
2141. Receives What Happens With Simplicity 5/31/2012
2142. Should Justice Be Blind? 5/31/2012
2143. Grief Is A Paradox 5/31/2012
2144. Flavor Of Love 5/31/2012
2145. What God Cannot Do 6/4/2012
2146. I Would Rather Eat A Peach 6/4/2012
2147. God Save Us From The Queen 6/8/2012
2148. Between Religious Feelings And Belief 6/8/2012
2149. Naked Truth 6/8/2012
2150. You Can'T Get Home From Here 6/8/2012
2151. Junle Law And Refusal To Forgive 6/1/2012
2152. When You See A Stranger's Face 6/1/2012
2153. Andy Warhol's Grave And The Road To Hell 6/4/2012
2154. Bach's Cello Suites 6/9/2012
2155. Monagasque Poets 6/10/2012
2156. Love As A Work Of Art 6/10/2012
2157. Swift Verse 6/10/2012
2158. Flirting A Lot Of Men 6/11/2012
2159. Reasonable Expectations And Hope 6/11/2012
2160. Necessity 6/12/2012

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Best Poem of gershon hepner


My language always is precise,
but I’m prepared to take advice
from people who can’t follow what
I’m saying. When I’m being hot,
some people cannot understand
my arguments since they’re not bland,
and even when they see I’m pensive,
they sometimes find my words offensive.
Although I try to be pellucid,
it is a nuisance that is deucèd
that I should be accused of being
obscure when I am disagreeing
with people who do not esteem
my words. It wasn’t Ibrahim
who walked with Ishmael to Moriah,
but Abraham who lit the fire
beneath young Isaac. ...

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Descended From An Ape

God, who can’t be recognized,
appears in an angelic form
to bible heroes most surprised
to learn that he is not the norm
that they’d expected, seeming human,
while cherubic in disguise,
which is a paradox few Jewmen
would figure out that God defies.
Leaving Esau, who was hairy,

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