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2161. What Is Not Good For God Man Or Judges 7/7/2012
2162. Morality Of Inertia 7/7/2012
2163. While You Dart And Float 7/7/2012
2164. Captives Of Zion 7/12/2012
2165. Not Banning The Covenant 7/12/2012
2166. Hanging Up To Half A Dozen Bankers A Year 7/12/2012
2167. Longevity Of Sopranos 7/12/2012
2168. The End Of Lovely Days On The Moon And Aranjuez 8/26/2012
2169. Understanding Sin 8/26/2012
2170. Daedalic Throng 8/26/2012
2171. I Hope To Be The Man You Love 4/11/2012
2172. Bach's Cello Suites 6/9/2012
2173. Monagasque Poets 6/10/2012
2174. Love As A Work Of Art 6/10/2012
2175. Swift Verse 6/10/2012
2176. No Tsunamis In Aneyoshi 11/6/2012
2177. Music And Science 11/6/2012
2178. Chinese Coca-Cola 11/6/2012
2179. How We Remember Things 11/15/2012
2180. Abraham Not Ibrahim 12/27/2012
2181. What Lies Before And Within Us 12/27/2012
2182. True West Side Story 11/6/2012
2183. What The World Pursues 12/27/2012
2184. Sarcophagi And Antidotes To Doubt 7/8/2013
2185. Michael Tilson-Thomas Hears Kathleen Ferrier Sing Mahler's Abschied 7/8/2013
2186. Difference Between Lie And Lay 7/8/2013
2187. They'Ll Always Have Paris 7/8/2013
2188. Two Sides Of Coins In A Fountain 7/9/2013
2189. Getting History Wrong 7/9/2013
2190. Just Forget 7/10/2013
2191. Anxiety 7/15/2013
2192. Two Mccarthys Who Hated Lies 7/15/2013
2193. Murder Was The History He Wrote 8/11/2013
2194. Calumniated From Beyond The Grave By Plath 8/11/2013
2195. Thin Slices Don'T Work As Fast As Liquor 11/5/2013
2196. Kate's See Through Dress 11/6/2012
2197. Liars' Club 11/15/2012
2198. Playing Music Is Like Making Love 6/4/2012
2199. You Cannot Change The Wind's Direction 6/1/2012
2200. Happiness Is.... 5/31/2012

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My language always is precise,
but I’m prepared to take advice
from people who can’t follow what
I’m saying. When I’m being hot,
some people cannot understand
my arguments since they’re not bland,
and even when they see I’m pensive,
they sometimes find my words offensive.
Although I try to be pellucid,
it is a nuisance that is deucèd
that I should be accused of being
obscure when I am disagreeing
with people who do not esteem
my words. It wasn’t Ibrahim
who walked with Ishmael to Moriah,
but Abraham who lit the fire
beneath young Isaac. ...

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Descended From An Ape

God, who can’t be recognized,
appears in an angelic form
to bible heroes most surprised
to learn that he is not the norm
that they’d expected, seeming human,
while cherubic in disguise,
which is a paradox few Jewmen
would figure out that God defies.
Leaving Esau, who was hairy,

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