Gert Strydom

Gold Star - 16,043 Points (03 April 1964 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Gert Strydom Poems

4241. In The Park I See Him Sit 7/2/2017
4242. I Stand In The Eye Of A Hurricane 7/2/2017
4243. Burden Of Conscience 7/2/2017
4244. You Sit With Legs Spread Wide On The Floor 7/3/2017
4245. The Importability Of An Evolution Type Origin 7/3/2017
4246. Drought [2] 7/3/2017
4247. Later You Just Hear The Snoring Of The Innocent Ones 7/3/2017
4248. Maria Zeitner Linke 7/4/2017
4249. Between Us Love Did So Suddenly And Unexpectedly Sprout (Sonnet) 7/5/2017
4250. The Game 7/5/2017
4251. Extradited 7/5/2017
4252. When My Whole World Did Fall Apart 7/5/2017
4253. A Visit To My Old Home Town 7/6/2017
4254. Of Life 7/6/2017
4255. To Me A Mere Man It Is Hard To Comprehend 7/7/2017
4256. When You Lay On My Breast Like Upon A Pillow 7/7/2017
4257. Stars [2] 7/7/2017
4258. Paradise Shuttle Travellers 7/8/2017
4259. We In This World 7/9/2017
4260. Moses [2] 7/9/2017
4261. I Do Not Believe In The Big Bang 7/9/2017
4262. When Living Turns To Hour-To-Hour 7/10/2017
4263. In Our Dark Bedroom 7/10/2017
4264. Counterparts 7/10/2017
4265. Snow Hangs Like Strings 7/10/2017
4266. Imperturbable He Is 7/10/2017
4267. When The Afternoon Salute Does Report 7/10/2017
4268. At The Places Of Death 7/11/2017
4269. There Was Suddenly Light 7/12/2017
4270. At The Sea Of Galilee 7/12/2017
4271. I Found Him 7/12/2017
4272. The Second Coming [2] 7/13/2017
4273. There's Something Eerie To The Morning Mist (Novelinee) 7/13/2017
4274. At First Light They Started To Climb 7/13/2017
4275. The Credo Of A Child 7/14/2017
4276. We Do Live In A World 7/14/2017
4277. Rites Of Love 7/14/2017
4278. On The Battlefield 7/16/2017
4279. The Softly Brown Earth Lies Under Me 7/16/2017
4280. My Own Goddess 7/16/2017
Best Poem of Gert Strydom

Invictus (A Reply To William Ernest Henley)

While the night stretch black over me
and in the dark sky I see countless lights
burning high,
I thank the God that made me free
to choose which light to follow as a guide.

In dark circumstance and whatever fate brings,
destiny and chance do not conquer
and I still rise wiser
to life and its things

and my will remains free
to decide where my words
and actions belong
whether they are right or wrong
and to no human I bend a knee
and in all things I only answer to Him
who Captain’s me.

[References: Invictus by William Ernest ...

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Do not look
for fairness in this life,
for you will not find it
as the reason to be living
and will seek it forever.

Do not live life
just as a passer by,
or you will not mind it

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