Gert Strydom

Gold Star - 15,769 Points (03 April 1964 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Gert Strydom Poems

2001. What Does It Help? 6/5/2014
2002. To You My Unborn Child 6/6/2014
2003. Autumn Evening 6/6/2014
2004. Where You Stand With The Garden Hose 6/9/2014
2005. In The Morning When I Draw My Eyes To Slits Against The Bright Light 6/9/2014
2006. At Times I Wonder Where Her Thoughts Go (Sonnet) 6/9/2014
2007. How Long? 6/10/2014
2008. Crow 6/10/2014
2009. There Is A Seashell 6/10/2014
2010. Every Morning Her Windows Are Washed Clean 6/11/2014
2011. I Wish I Could Read Love In Your Eyes 2/12/2014
2012. Too Many Times 2/14/2014
2013. To Get Old Is A Kind Of Art 3/12/2014
2014. At Times (English Sonnet] 3/14/2014
2015. Sometimes The Things I Do (Persian / Rubiyat Quatrain) 4/8/2014
2016. In Each Raindrop There Is A Kind Of Magic (Enclosed Triplet) 4/10/2014
2017. Like Some Roots Anchoring The Same Big Tree (Envelope Couplet Sestet) 4/11/2014
2018. Each Morning When The Night Is Swept Away (English Sonnet) 4/15/2014
2019. Mother, Far Too Quickly The Days Are Running Past 5/9/2014
2020. My Lord, Sometimes I Do Forget 5/12/2014
2021. As A Boy 5/12/2014
2022. My Lord, Sometimes There Is Only Silence 5/13/2014
2023. Some Thoughts Of You Constantly Do Remain (Novelinee) 5/13/2014
2024. My Lord, If I Do Forget That Your Law 5/14/2014
2025. It's With Ice That The Winter Comes 6/13/2014
2026. My God Is Not Just An Icon 6/13/2014
2027. My God Is Not Just An Icon [2] 6/17/2014
2028. If You Want To Place Your Darling Wife In Words 6/17/2014
2029. The Seagull 6/17/2014
2030. Man Has Become Estranged 6/18/2014
2031. We Wait Upon A New Tomorrow 6/18/2014
2032. From My First Glance Of You (Cavatina) 6/18/2014
2033. I Hear The Sugar-Bush-Hillocks Breathing 6/19/2014
2034. To Time (Rubaiyat Sonnet) 6/19/2014
2035. The Wonder Of Being You 6/19/2014
2036. When The New World Is Unknown 6/20/2014
2037. When That Moment Comes 6/20/2014
2038. The Starry Night 6/20/2014
2039. Things That Are Dear To Me 6/26/2014
2040. Outside Thunderbolt Upon Thunderbolt Smash Down 7/4/2014
Best Poem of Gert Strydom

Invictus (A Reply To William Ernest Henley)

While the night stretch black over me
and in the dark sky I see countless lights
burning high,
I thank the God that made me free
to choose which light to follow as a guide.

In dark circumstance and whatever fate brings,
destiny and chance do not conquer
and I still rise wiser
to life and its things

and my will remains free
to decide where my words
and actions belong
whether they are right or wrong
and to no human I bend a knee
and in all things I only answer to Him
who Captain’s me.

[References: Invictus by William Ernest ...

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No Red Rose

But once bloomed that crimson rose
which could stand with her head held high,
against life's darkest sky.

Just once did that delicate petals spread
and soft lovely fragrance scent,
before she dropped her head.

Just once the blush on your cheek,

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