Gert Strydom

Gold Star - 16,043 Points (03 April 1964 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Gert Strydom Poems

2441. I Have Not Been (In Love (Decuain) 8/3/2012
2442. In The Distant Veldt I Saw Him 8/6/2012
2443. At A Time When All Of My Hope Seemed Gone 8/6/2012
2444. It Feels As If I Am Waiting On God Himself 8/6/2012
2445. Fishing (Novelinee) 8/7/2012
2446. In The Murk 8/7/2012
2447. Continually The Red Weaver Gambols 8/2/2012
2448. The Pale Brown Thrush 8/2/2012
2449. Migrant Birds 8/2/2012
2450. Like My Father Before Me 8/8/2012
2451. Images At The Chestnut Tree 8/8/2012
2452. What I Know About My Dad Is Only A Few Things 8/8/2012
2453. The Almond (In Answer To A.E. Housman) 8/8/2012
2454. Early In The Morning When The Sun Just Appears 8/15/2012
2455. In The Vastness Of The Desert 8/15/2012
2456. When The Southeaster Really Starts To Blow 8/15/2012
2457. Your Beauty Is No Secret 8/15/2012
2458. This Summer Has Grown Old 8/15/2012
2459. When I Laid Bare Everything That I Am 8/15/2012
2460. Upon The Mighty Name Of The Lord I Do Call (Strambotto Siciliano) 8/17/2012
2461. Daily You Protect 8/17/2012
2462. In The Words Of God 8/17/2012
2463. Far Too Lovely You Are (Strambotto Siciliano) 8/20/2012
2464. From The Time That Every Day Had Begun (Strambotto Toscano) 8/20/2012
2465. Love Is True (Strambotto Romagnuolo) 8/20/2012
2466. Like Only A Small Grain Of Sand 8/21/2012
2467. With Eternity In His Mere Hand 8/21/2012
2468. When God Reveals Great Glory 8/21/2012
2469. At Times You Are My All In All (Hymnal Octave) 8/22/2012
2470. Together We Both Do Belong (Hymnal Octave) 8/22/2012
2471. The Moments Linger Past Midnight 8/22/2012
2472. Two Doves Made Their Own Nest 8/23/2012
2473. Egyptian Geese 8/23/2012
2474. When The Cape Winter Rain Comes 8/23/2012
2475. Outside The Snow Is Falling 8/24/2012
2476. I Love You Girl 8/24/2012
2477. Deep In Prayer I Have Walked (Common Measure Octave) 8/24/2012
2478. First Visitors To Adam And Eve 8/27/2012
2479. With The World In The Cooking Pot (Tennyson-Turner Sonnet) 8/27/2012
2480. Sheep-Killer 8/27/2012
Best Poem of Gert Strydom

Invictus (A Reply To William Ernest Henley)

While the night stretch black over me
and in the dark sky I see countless lights
burning high,
I thank the God that made me free
to choose which light to follow as a guide.

In dark circumstance and whatever fate brings,
destiny and chance do not conquer
and I still rise wiser
to life and its things

and my will remains free
to decide where my words
and actions belong
whether they are right or wrong
and to no human I bend a knee
and in all things I only answer to Him
who Captain’s me.

[References: Invictus by William Ernest ...

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Under A African Sky

The sun burns furious
and the harsh reality,
of a live in the semi desert
of the Kalahari
is set in my mind.

There are some bushes
growing in this arid land,
with red sand

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