Gert Strydom

Gold Star - 16,772 Points (03 April 1964 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Gert Strydom Poems

2521. Gradually You Grow Into My Life 9/14/2012
2522. Everywhere In The Garden Flowers Grow In Bright Colours 9/14/2012
2523. I Could Not Guess 9/14/2012
2524. The Wedding Gown Of The Spring Is More Fair (Rondel Prime) 9/17/2012
2525. The Early Spring (Rondel Prime) 9/17/2012
2526. A Song Of Joy Sounds Up 9/18/2012
2527. In The Early Day (Roundel) 9/18/2012
2528. All Night It Did Rain… (Roundel) 9/18/2012
2529. Spring Did Begin (Rondelet) 9/19/2012
2530. I Did Escape 9/19/2012
2531. Coldly The Wind Blows 9/19/2012
2532. When Lightning Strikes Out 9/20/2012
2533. When The Day Did Die 9/20/2012
2534. When The Day Did Die [2] 9/20/2012
2535. The Dark Night 9/20/2012
2536. Far More Pretty Than The Flowers Hanging On The Branches 9/21/2012
2537. How Do I Tell You? 9/21/2012
2538. Like Mountains Lying Far Away And Blue 9/21/2012
2539. To You I Am Attached 9/21/2012
2540. Since Childhood The Night Scares You 9/25/2012
2541. Continually Our Love Surprises Me 9/25/2012
2542. It's As If Your Breath Whispers Declarations Of Love 9/25/2012
2543. There Is A Kind Of Love (Persian / Rubiyat Quatrain) 9/25/2012
2544. Philomel 9/26/2012
2545. The Tikoloshe 9/26/2012
2546. Impundulu 9/26/2012
2547. A Dragon Fly 9/27/2012
2548. Far Out In The Wilderness (Terzanelle) 9/27/2012
2549. In The Early Morning [2] 9/27/2012
2550. Deep In Your Eyes 9/28/2012
2551. How Lovely You Are 9/28/2012
2552. For Far Too Long I Have Searched For You 9/28/2012
2553. Her Eyes Is Shining (Terzanelle) 9/28/2012
2554. Love Me (Villanelle) 10/2/2012
2555. Let Our Love Be As It Ought (Villanelle) 10/2/2012
2556. Daily Our Love Does Somehow Increase (Wreathed Octave) 9/10/2012
2557. You Long To Go To A Place Near Mountain Streams (Triolet) 9/11/2012
2558. Like Wrinkles On The Water 10/3/2012
2559. Daily You Do Kiss Me (English Sonnet) 10/3/2012
2560. Not Too Long Ago (English Sonnet) 10/3/2012
Best Poem of Gert Strydom

Invictus (A Reply To William Ernest Henley)

While the night stretch black over me
and in the dark sky I see countless lights
burning high,
I thank the God that made me free
to choose which light to follow as a guide.

In dark circumstance and whatever fate brings,
destiny and chance do not conquer
and I still rise wiser
to life and its things

and my will remains free
to decide where my words
and actions belong
whether they are right or wrong
and to no human I bend a knee
and in all things I only answer to Him
who Captain’s me.

[References: Invictus by William Ernest ...

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No Red Rose

But once bloomed that crimson rose
which could stand with her head held high,
against life's darkest sky.

Just once did that delicate petals spread
and soft lovely fragrance scent,
before she dropped her head.

Just once the blush on your cheek,

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