Gert Strydom

Gold Star - 18,140 Points (03 April 1964 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Gert Strydom Poems

3721. Africa (In Reply To William Shakespeare) 5/5/2011
3722. While The Storm Outside Is Quieting Down 5/6/2011
3723. While The Storm Outside Is Quieting Down [2] 5/6/2011
3724. To Make Something Beautiful 5/6/2011
3725. You Draw Beautifully With Your Pencil 5/6/2011
3726. Between Bright Stars One Had Lost Its Way 4/29/2011
3727. When He Walked Into His Cell 4/29/2011
3728. The Parade 5/3/2011
3729. The Coastline Did Not Need The Poem 4/18/2011
3730. Mary From Nazareth 5/9/2011
3731. Eastern Transvaal 5/9/2011
3732. Thoughts About A Child That Does Not Exist 5/10/2011
3733. Poem For A Child That Was Never Conceived 5/10/2011
3734. Heinrich 5/10/2011
3735. I Cannot Save You From Yourself 5/11/2011
3736. What Hope For Man When His Time Is Spend 5/11/2011
3737. To My Lost One (Villanelle) 5/15/2011
3738. If You Come To Stay With Me 5/15/2011
3739. At The Beginning Of A New Life 5/16/2011
3740. About Love 5/16/2011
3741. Persian Quatrains For Jeanie 5/16/2011
3742. The Morning Is Cobalt Blue (Persian Quatrain) 5/16/2011
3743. Persian Quatrains Of A Comrade-In-Arms 5/16/2011
3744. When Darkness Stretched Out Through The Universe 5/17/2011
3745. Experiences At Church 5/17/2011
3746. Marina 5/17/2011
3747. A Country 5/18/2011
3748. God Of Our Fathers 5/18/2011
3749. We Will Not Escape From This Hell 5/18/2011
3750. When Time Glides By And Days Past Into Night 5/12/2011
3751. Love Stays True 5/12/2011
3752. Love Expresses Itself Nevertheless 5/12/2011
3753. The Old Mine 5/13/2011
3754. On Manoeuvres 5/13/2011
3755. Van Der Decken 5/13/2011
3756. There Are Times That I Am At Peace 5/13/2011
3757. In The Backyard A Cock Crows 5/15/2011
3758. Sometimes I Long 5/15/2011
3759. A Few Anku’s 4/26/2011
3760. Tankas About Namaqualand 4/26/2011
Best Poem of Gert Strydom

Invictus (A Reply To William Ernest Henley)

While the night stretch black over me
and in the dark sky I see countless lights
burning high,
I thank the God that made me free
to choose which light to follow as a guide.

In dark circumstance and whatever fate brings,
destiny and chance do not conquer
and I still rise wiser
to life and its things

and my will remains free
to decide where my words
and actions belong
whether they are right or wrong
and to no human I bend a knee
and in all things I only answer to Him
who Captain’s me.

[References: Invictus by William Ernest ...

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At the skeleton of concrete and steel
huge black pipes with running cement and stone
snakes in and are shaking while huge machines
are busy working day and night
and men scurry around like a huge nest of ants
that has been opened
with the gang-boss shouting instructions
above the noise and the architect checking in
every now and then and men drilling

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