Gesualdo Bufalino

Biography of Gesualdo Bufalino

Gesualdo Bufalino (Comiso, Italy, 15 November 1920 - 14 June 1996), was an Italian writer.

Gesualdo Bufalino was born in Comiso, Sicily. He studied literature and wasa high-school professor in his hometown, for most of his life. Immediately after World War II, he had to spend some time in an hospital for tuberculosis; hence he drew the material for the novel Diceria dell'untore (The Plague Sower). The book was written in 1950, but was published only in 1981, thanks to Bufalino's friend and well-known writer Leonardo Sciascia who discovered his talents. In 1988, the novel Le menzogne della notte (Night's Lies) won the Strega Prize. In 1990 he won the Nino Martoglio International Book Award. In his native town the Biblioteca di Bufalino ("Bufalino's Library") is now named after him.

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