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Rookie - 20 Points (1807-1977 / Transylvania)

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Ghost Writer Insomnis poet

Esteemed Conceptual Artists:
True authors of the spirit (poets/writers)
LIVE for the impressionistic ideals of their moment.Whom
do you consider parched, those which just desire, or those who cannot live without an all consuming creative discipline? Those who are called survive willingly in a timeless void, both in and
out of focus. We live and breathe our Stories and poetic verse.
Refined and unrestrained; we develop the behavior of our characters' mark, forged forever by a single paradigm,

No illusions of grandeur, no attempt to create the perfect from the imperfect. Genuine or indifferent, the heart speaks clearly. Resolute loyalty, dictates a life masterpiece; an unchallengeable shadow seen in the light by all, misunderstood in the dark by none. Create reasonable doubt in a less then reasonable world. Allow the depth of critical thinking to permeate all perspective of implied intention. (you must be discerning about the truth!)

How do we attack? With the acumen of Prose. How do we win? With a unified structure of discontent. Listen to, understand, and speak with all authority, that your intention may be brought to attention. Engage the enemy with a verbal onslaught incapable of retaliation. The whisper of uncertainty has just become the voice of reality, up in your face.....

The beginning, an obscure impression illuminates the recesses of darkness, in the void of the ineffectual mind. Now begins the conception of thought. Intense heat, extreme pressure, refine the desired outcome, a multi-faceted gem of perfection; a diamond standard of irrefutable truth, illuminating the clear and focused words of the authors resolve. From the origin of darkness, to the luster of individual standard, the brilliance this gem refracts is a hypnotic allurement.

Words Incise through masks of insolence and pretense to the core of their purpose. Intentionally, skillfully, without flaw, a direct assault of disclosure to the astute mind and perceptive heart.
BE AWARE my friend, your words like the best of swords are double-edged. You are positioned to pierce and cut through all reason in any event or direction. Will you withdraw, wound, or plunge further to the hilt, leaving no hope, sparing no one? Allow room for personal choice or conviction so the reader desires to continue on your journey. Pose questions you already have the answers for, allowing the reader to enjoy a notorious take at processing the puzzle. The paymaster to the author will however need enough rope to reason with your disciplines for hanging, rather than being hanged in frustration. You can challenge or critically wound by offering an exclusive point of view. But what fun is there in not allowing the reader their own view of the journey? The Ultimate story will always be that of the author, hopefully ever enlightening and never pointlessly oppressing. The sword-bearer must always decide how deeply to trust the decision of their incision. YOUR words will always engage the ultimate success or failure of the piece, at this very point. Choose your words wisely and live well, choose poorly and accept the consequence.

God bless you! Joey d.

The one thing about those who choose to wear masks is that they do so to hide themselves and/or their intentions. The masks are perfectly convincing in every respect and appear to assimilate the ruse of the masker, well. They are however masks none the less, and must come off so others can and will do the same. The game is still played to an ineffectual means as the players become more comfortable in their deception. Who one 'really' is, exacts the truth be told; so allow your true character to shine no matter who brings in the darkness. You will either be honored or dishonored in the minds of most on how well you lived a genuine or shrouded life. Earned respect belongs to those who refuse to wear a mask at all costs, and so negate the reason others choose to wear one. The lead may sting a bit, but the rewards are great.

joey d. respectfully Updates

Dreamscape Warrior

An eerie event, an interlude taken place somewhere between barely conscious thought and REM, typically in the dread of night. Be aware of illusive confrontations, for in the absence of light darkness casts no reflection. Your enemy is on the prowl.

A creepy stillness gradually envelops me, as I descend further into obscurity; overcome and overdone by yet another day of illusive thought.

Visions are extreme, my heart pounds into my awareness. Reality uncertain yet quietly persuasive. I toil

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