41. Only Memories Remain... 7/11/2007
42. Missed Opportunities…. 8/30/2007
43. A Memo To A Dear Friend 7/12/2007
44. Words…. 8/11/2007
45. A Picture My Captive 7/11/2007

A Picture My Captive

I see your smile
Your eyes
Your lips
A picture I can’t seem to let go
So handsome
So sexy
I am drawn to you in my mind
I am pulled toward you in my heart
And all that by looking at your picture

The memories flood my brain
I can recall your voice
Your touch
The sweet words that sometimes escaped your lips
Your scent
Your hands
The warmth of your embrace
Your smile
And your laugh

And all of this from a picture
I see you in person and I crumble
All barriers come down
All hurt fades away
And all I long for is a few stolen ...

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Where Do I Go

where do i go from here
left or right
and do i do it willingly
or do i put up a fight

and what is my answer
yes or no
and do i follow it
with no idea where to go

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