gianelli dedios

Biography of gianelli dedios

I was always the type to be fascinated with love. Gullible as I may be, I find it quite more adequate to just lose my self in make-believe just to take myself away from reality for a little while. I'm 16, and still have much to learn myself and the people I love most in this world. I've been writing poetry for quite sometime and usually I am very shy on showing people my poetic side. Nowadays, its seems as though that some people have lost site on poetry and I don't ever want lose something that has brought a lot of joy in my life. I've recently had a broken heart and decided to do something for myself instead of hiding in the dark. Hopefully my poems will inspire someone or to merely see what I had seen in my point of view. I will never give up this art and hopefully one day when I find someone then I could share with them apart of me.

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