GICANIRO Gicaniro Poems

1. Venom In Veins 4/7/2012
2. Chanting Slogans 4/7/2012
3. In A World Of My Own 4/7/2012
4. Life Remains 6/23/2012
5. Only Good Thing Is Love 6/26/2012
6. Christ Is The Rock 6/26/2012
7. Even If The Sky Is Blue 6/26/2012
8. Codes Of Reality 7/30/2012
9. Tales Of My Wife 1/11/2013
10. Strive And Thrive 2/12/2013
11. The Shame Modernity You Are! 5/7/2013
12. My Fathers' Stinking Spell! 5/7/2013
13. I Am Who Am Not But Should Be. 4/30/2014
14. I Still Can Crawl To My Glow. 5/2/2014
15. A Land Far Away 5/5/2014
16. Upside Down, The Pyramid Will Turn 5/6/2014
17. Weeps Amother 5/8/2014
18. What If All You Knew Was A Lie! 5/10/2014
19. If I Can Think, I Can Be 5/17/2014
20. Children Of Light Freedom 4/16/2012
21. Please Don'T Ask Why, 10/2/2012
22. One Day, We Shall Meet Our Dream 10/9/2012
23. I Prefer Such A Teacher 6/7/2014
24. But Look! What Has Become Of All! 6/13/2014
25. ‘we Are One' Can'T Be Our Song. 6/14/2014
26. If What I Feel Is Love... 6/20/2014
27. Love Is 7/24/2014
28. In The Darkest Of Days 4/6/2016
29. Still You Care Not. 6/5/2012
30. Still, It’s All About Us. 3/25/2015
31. A Widow Like Her 4/10/2012
32. Yes We Can 4/10/2012
33. I Feel I Can'T Feel My Own Feelings 8/20/2012
34. Peacefully Delight In Peace 4/12/2012
35. For Both Of Us 5/20/2014
36. A Shortsighted Mouth...... 11/29/2012
37. I Am A Villager 8/22/2015

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I Am A Villager

I would like to be local
Even though ma pockets would be so cold
I would like to stay home
I hate the way city people are so alone
I would lay and stay down
When they are high, city people lie

I am a villager
A villager
I am a villager
A villager
I am a villager
A villager

I would like to know ma neighbors name
City people don’t, yet they feel no shame
I would like to raise my own children
City people don’t, they got someone to blame

I am a villager
A villager
I am a villager
A villager
I am a villager
A ...

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Yes We Can

Yes we can.
Can't we coerce our own dreams to reality?
Can't we stick by and shield our own rights?
Can't we like lions fright away those wolves?
Can't we like birds nourish our children?
Can't we like bees construct our own roads?
Yes we can.
Can't we, if coped to mount from ash twist into thriving rocks?
Can't we like them bestow aid to puerile states?

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