GICANIRO Gicaniro Poems

1. Venom In Veins 4/7/2012
2. Chanting Slogans 4/7/2012
3. In A World Of My Own 4/7/2012
4. Life Remains 6/23/2012
5. Only Good Thing Is Love 6/26/2012
6. Christ Is The Rock 6/26/2012
7. Even If The Sky Is Blue 6/26/2012
8. Codes Of Reality 7/30/2012
9. Tales Of My Wife 1/11/2013
10. Strive And Thrive 2/12/2013
11. The Shame Modernity You Are! 5/7/2013
12. My Fathers' Stinking Spell! 5/7/2013
13. I Am Who Am Not But Should Be. 4/30/2014
14. I Still Can Crawl To My Glow. 5/2/2014
15. A Land Far Away 5/5/2014
16. Upside Down, The Pyramid Will Turn 5/6/2014
17. Weeps Amother 5/8/2014
18. What If All You Knew Was A Lie! 5/10/2014
19. If I Can Think, I Can Be 5/17/2014
20. Children Of Light Freedom 4/16/2012
21. Please Don'T Ask Why, 10/2/2012
22. One Day, We Shall Meet Our Dream 10/9/2012
23. I Prefer Such A Teacher 6/7/2014
24. But Look! What Has Become Of All! 6/13/2014
25. ‘we Are One' Can'T Be Our Song. 6/14/2014
26. If What I Feel Is Love... 6/20/2014
27. Love Is 7/24/2014
28. In The Darkest Of Days 4/6/2016
29. Still You Care Not. 6/5/2012
30. Still, It’s All About Us. 3/25/2015
31. A Widow Like Her 4/10/2012
32. Yes We Can 4/10/2012
33. I Feel I Can'T Feel My Own Feelings 8/20/2012
34. Peacefully Delight In Peace 4/12/2012
35. For Both Of Us 5/20/2014
36. A Shortsighted Mouth...... 11/29/2012
37. I Am A Villager 8/22/2015

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I Am A Villager

I would like to be local
Even though ma pockets would be so cold
I would like to stay home
I hate the way city people are so alone
I would lay and stay down
When they are high, city people lie

I am a villager
A villager
I am a villager
A villager
I am a villager
A villager

I would like to know ma neighbors name
City people don’t, yet they feel no shame
I would like to raise my own children
City people don’t, they got someone to blame

I am a villager
A villager
I am a villager
A villager
I am a villager
A ...

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A Widow Like Her

A widow like her
Awakes before sunrise
Though sleepy still she rise
To work hard and end up with a prize
To break up with poverty and its ties
A widow like her must go in disguise
Only because her neighbors take her unwise
That her children have shrieked in size
From garden to market to kitchen like rolling dice

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