Gil Gregorio

Rookie - 20 Points [Geopoet/Geowebber] (June 24,1961 / Naga City)

Biography of Gil Gregorio

Gil Lopez Gregorio is known as Geopoet and Geowebber. He’s been into poetry writing since 1983 while serving as one of the staffs of the Nueva Caceres Bulletin, the official publication of the University of Nueva Caceres. His first poetry book entitled, A View from Afar Off: A Poetic Legacy from Heaven, was published in 2006 by Andrew Byrne of Carpe Diem Publishing Company-Australia and his second book, Emblems of Light, was also published in 2010 with Dorrance Publishing Company- Pittsburgh, PA. In the same year, the company also published his two serial books, Isinadula sa Radyo na mga Kuwento ng Pag-ibig, Part 1 & 2, which were radio drama scripts when he was writing with Bombo Radyo Philippines in Naga City. Recently, his Philippines’ political commentary (2004-2009) , The Lost Filipino: The Blogbook, was also published by the same publishing company.

He is a regular contributor to the Bicol literature publication, An Tambobong nin Literaturang Bikolnon, where several of his poems in Bicol dialect were published. He is a member of the Parasurat Bikolnon, Inc., and Sumaro Bikolnon, Inc., writers organizations both in Naga City and the World Poets Society, in Greece. He is also a regular member of the Wikimedia Philippines, Inc., engaged in translating English sites to Bicol. Presently, he is a College Instructor of the Business Administration Department of WRI Colleges-Naga in Naga City and WRI Colleges-Partido in Goa, Camarines Sur.

Gil Gregorio's Works:

Geopoet's Website which serves as the gateway to his published works through the internet:
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http: //

Geopoet's bikol language online community:
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A VIEW FROM AFAR OFF (A POETIC LEGACY FROM HEAVEN) published by Andrew Byrne and his Carpe Diem Publishing Company of Adelaide, Australia. You can read the poem for free at http: //

Several of his poetry writings were published in several poetry anthology series with The Poet Sanctuary like the Muses of the Snow and The Blossoms of Creativity; and in Voices Net Poetry Anthology Series.

He has published his essays about the spectrum of the political events in the Philippines thru his website: http: // and his tagalog short love stories at http: //

He completely translated the three LDS Church standards from English to his own native dialect, Bicol, and published the same at:
http: //
http: //
http: // Updates

Eye's Rendezvous

Here an instance be still to sense,
Feel the throb of a heart’s content;
An innocent look of eyes in faith,
Comes now the sincerest love’s manifest.
A fiery look cankers the softness of steel,
As it perforates the impenetrable,
Walls unveiled;
No doubt, so many years of longing
A past in snare,