Gil Gregorio Poems

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Old Writings, Old Scrapbook, Old Play

Old writings script like weeds cut a shaped show,
hefting wind's course in a flowery shot ‘neath ship;
it whittled down a snug picture in a fine array,
oldman's smile glow like fling of a sunlight ray.

Why? ...

My nerve raked of sorrowless pain
as I thought an extreme maze,
while mountains, plains and valleys
gone berserk, the rivers stream

The Declaration Of Truth

We must remember the time unknown...
When the whole universe was dark
and our spirits was in fortune dwell
in the womb of heavenly mansion;

Wishing Upon Lonely Hurdles

The field was full of empty spears
as I walk along a lonely path;
The trimmings of the air gasp my breath
as I climb a wall of lonely treks.

Words Not Meant To Be

Is it what we felt that is more
meaningful that what is done?
Is it among the storied fallacies
shared by those in bed, left or gone?

I And The Tiny Bird

As I walk along the beach of sorrow
a tiny bird flew above my morrow,
the only thing's left and done
a lone footstep marked on the ground.

God Of My Soul, Lord Of My Heart

Oh Lord, Jesus, my Saviour:
As you redeemed me of my soul,
I have strive to be one like You;
I have searched your presence

God Is Where You Will Be

A heart sweeter than sweet
in the eyes of many calling
from out of the deep:
A voice heard from the abyss

Finger Turning Thorn

Way up in the skyline
a star swarmed its unending tow;
as a finger point above it
roots were anchored beneath.


Alluring eye of the universe
silhoutting the reflection
of divine certainty.
The shoreline of the sea