Gil Tee

Gil Tee Poems

1. Stayin' Alive 3/25/2009
2. These Eyes 3/26/2009
3. Man Of Letters 3/27/2009
4. Philippa's Song (Daddy Says) 3/27/2009
5. Song: Who Has Given Me This Sweet? 3/27/2009
6. Midwives Of Death 3/29/2009
7. Lucky In Love (Song For Bill) 4/4/2009
8. The Days Are Far Too Long 4/6/2009
9. Nothing But Defeat 4/6/2009
10. Easter 4/9/2009
11. Oh Caroline 4/13/2009
12. Alternative Career Plan 4/15/2009
13. Man Of Flesh 4/20/2009
14. Girl, Why Don'T You? 4/21/2009
15. That Old Moon 4/23/2009
16. Another One Bites The Dust 5/16/2009
17. My Mp's A Banker 5/20/2009
18. Trouble With The Ten Commandments 5/27/2009
19. Dancing Star 5/31/2009
20. Another Song To Sing 6/10/2009
21. Another Song To Sing (Second Draft) 6/12/2009
22. Anyone Can Die 6/27/2009
23. Oh! How You Arrest Me 7/28/2009
24. O Captain! My Captain! (Or Terry's Twilight) 2/13/2010
25. Travails Of My Aunt 3/14/2010
26. Last Call To Auntie Ivy 4/1/2010
27. Message In A Bottle 5/21/2010
28. Bird Of Paradise 5/21/2010
29. Broken 10/6/2009
30. Black Dog 10/14/2009
31. Mother Came Too 4/4/2009
32. Date With An Angel (Song For Becky) 3/27/2009
33. Karolina, With A K (Memo To Mum) 5/25/2009
34. This Present Crisis 4/18/2009
35. Hard Rain Coming 4/2/2009
36. Land Of Plenty 9/16/2009

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Best Poem of Gil Tee

Land Of Plenty

There are people all around the world,
Starving and forgotten,
And apples on the ground, dew-pearled,
Left lying to go rotten.

You must have seen them on TV
And wondered who the hell’s to blame.
It could be you - or even me -
The world keeps turning just the same.

The losers in the human race
Accuse us in the Hall of Shame;
A land of plenty in disgrace,
Unworthy of the world’s acclaim.

Perhaps it’s time to make a stand
Against the kind of life we lead.
What good’s the money in your hand
When there are hungry mouths to feed? ...

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Hard Rain Coming

They say we're making progress and things are better now
They say we're living longer and we're healthier somehow
They say that life's improving in oh! so many ways
But who can turn the water into wine these days?

They say there is no problem that science cannot solve
They're working on a potion to stop us growing old
They say it won't be long before we send a man to Mars
But is that any comfort to the millions who starve?

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