Giles Fletcher The Elder

(1548 - 1611 / Watford, Hertfordshire)

Giles Fletcher The Elder Poems

41. Licia Sonnets 26 1/1/2004
42. Licia Sonnets 03 1/1/2004
43. Licia Sonnets 10 1/1/2004
44. Licia Sonnets 23 1/1/2004
45. Licia Sonnets 15 1/1/2004
46. Licia Sonnets 05 1/1/2004
47. Licia Sonnets 20 1/1/2004
48. Licia Sonnets 02 1/1/2004
49. Licia Sonnets 25 1/1/2004
50. Licia Sonnets 01 1/1/2004
51. Licia Sonnets 12 1/1/2004

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Licia Sonnets 12

I wish sometimes, although a worthless thing,
Spurred by ambition, glad to aspire,
Myself a monarch, or some mighty king,
And then my thoughts do wish for to be higher.
But when I view what winds the cedars toss.
What storms men feels that covet for renown,
I blame myself that I have wished my loss,
And scorn a kingdom, though it give a crown.
Ah Licia, though the wonder of my thought,
My heart's content, procurer of my bliss,
For whom a crown I do esteem as naught,
As Asia's wealth, too mean to buy a kiss!
Kiss me, sweet love, this favor do for ...

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Licia Sonnets 20

First did I fear, when first my love began,
Possessed in fits by watchful jealousy
I sought to keep what I by favor won,
And brooked no partner in my love to be.
But tyrant sickness fed upon my love,
And spread his ensigns, dyed with color white;
Then was suspicion glad for to remove,
And loving much did fear to lose her quite.
Erect, fair sweet, the colors thou didst wear;