Gill Robb Wilson

(1892 - 1966 / Pennsylvania / United States)

Biography of Gill Robb Wilson

Gill Robb Wilson (September 18, 1892 – September 8, 1966) was an American pilot, Presbyterian minister, and military advocate. Wilson was a founder of the U.S. Civil Air Patrol.
Wilson was born in Clarion County, Pennsylvania to the Rev. Gill Irwin Wilson and Amanda E. Robb, on September 18, 1892.
Motivated by youthful idealism and a deep sense of responsibility, Gill Robb and his brother Volney traveled to France to assist the Allied war effort. After initially driving ambulances he became a member of the Lafayette Flying Corps (not the Lafayette Escadrille). His service for the French was with French Escadrille Br. 117.
Combining his love of aviation and skill with the pen, Gill Robb Wilson was an early editor of Flying Magazine In World War II, he was a correspondent for the Herald Tribune. Wilson was also the author of a book of poetry, which included some pieces on World War I aviation, and the autobiographical work, I Walked with Giants, Vantage Press, 1968.
Wilson wrote the forward to popular aviation writer Richard Bach's first book, "Stranger to the ground." Updates

First Things First

The boundary lamps were yellow blurs
Against the winter night,
And I had checked the last ship in
And snapped the office light
And paused a while to let the ghosts
Of bygone days and men
Roam down the skies of auld lang syne
As one will now and then ...
When fancy set me company

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