Gillian.E. Shaw Poems

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J - Ballantrae (A Jacobite Poem)

This for those who care to listen
while others lie in wait
there is news well worth the hearin'
it's said as fixed as fate.

X - The Wives Of Charles Iii?

For truth is sadly not a game
though some may try to shape it
and honest hearts remain the same
thus truth is sadly not a game

D - Faith And The Huntress.

Across a mind in dream a form
hovered as white diamond light
bedazzled by the entity;
belief and trust and loyalty.

N - Nanna's Angel.

One day my Nanna said to me
she'd seen an angel in a tree
determined I to see it too
but wasn't quite sure what to do.

Time Honoured Feud. (Britain 1980's)

Driven on by the economic whip
hurried down from the glen
assuredly ignorant, unread men:
spirited, canny and swift.


Heart sorrow soak
sense of loss; broke
beauty sleep on!

Day Trip (An Exsanguination)

The place I love is gone
it has been bled dry

and my race


This was the year
of 'martini',
of 'pate brisée'
yellow roses

J - Le Chevalier D'Écosse (A Jacobite Poem)

As a highland waterfall
fell, cascading clean and pure
he hurtled out of the glen
lone rider; without his men.

J - Exile. (A Jacobite Poem)

He left to watch his father die
and accusations flew
like poison barbs; brawn from on high
knaves dishonor and defame