Gillian Thurlby

Gillian Thurlby Poems

1. A Marriage (1) 8/18/2005
2. Completion 8/19/2005
3. Mother Dying 8/23/2005
4. Doubt 9/4/2005
5. Ode To Summer 9/7/2005
6. Help 9/10/2005
7. Koan 9/18/2005
8. A Marriage (2) 9/23/2005
9. Journey Without A Map 12/16/2005
10. Meditation 1/28/2008
11. Maharishi 2/20/2008
12. Birth Of A Poem 8/15/2007
13. London July 7,2005 (Villanelle) 8/13/2005
14. 'Everyone Sang' 8/14/2005
15. Fear 8/14/2005
16. Avr 8/16/2005

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Doom and Gloom
And have you heard
She’s going to have an op.
Not just a lump
Or a nick and a tuck
They’re going to open her up.
With a slice and a saw
And a pumping of blood
They’ll stop the old heart
Then call for the pig.
They’ll shove in its bit
And cobble her up
They’ll undo the pump
And give her a jump
They’ll get out the staples,
The pliers and string
And hope that they haven’t left anything in.
They’ll push in a tube
Wherever they can
They’ll give her a fix
And say wake up ‘nan’
Its time to move on
Forget any ...

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Fear stalks my footsteps round the silent house
I dare not leave in case a door may creak
The beating of my heart thumps like a train
Carrying secrets of which I cannot speak

I watch a ghost walk slowly past the glass
Eyes stare unseeingly from plum-soaked stains
Limbs testing their ability to move
Mind pondering what punishment remains

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