gina layog

Biography of gina layog

I write from the heart, oftentimes, its a song that inspire me to write, just simple songs, I always wear my heart on my sleeve, that's my bane, I'm so easy to read, pathetic sometimes, I do tend to kinda say the lamest verse, so do understand, I'm just a beginner in this hand Updates


I don't want to be blind, nor you to me be casually bind,
Not my style, nor my design....
A vast chasm, an ocean of blues dines on the waters,
I don't want to sound like a cliche'
I stand before you nude, my heart bare, my mouth mute,
Can you see me? Can you hear me?
Despite these difficulties, all my insecurities, my iniquities,
Cradled in your arms, I quietly dream
Silence my only option, my one companion,

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