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Hello, and welcome to my bio. Thank you for taking the time to read some of my poems and I would love some ratings and comments to help me improve my writing. So a little bit about me: I live where it is cold, wet, and gray about 80% of the time and go to school where it is slightly less cold, wet, and gray. Ironically, I love sunshine. :) I like going to the beach with my little brothers, reading a good book, and baking. My favorite colors are teal, purple, and anything that sparkles. My passions include music, psychology, justice and equality for all, poetry, and my family. Have a wonderful day!

Love, peace, and snickerdoodles,

P.S. if you're an online predator, please don't email me. I know all your little tricks and it's very annoying to have to keep putting you all on my banned members list.

gina prettybrowneyes's Works:

i haven't published anything yet, but plan on doing so after college Updates

Children's Hour

princes and princesses
sparkly silk dresses and long velvet capes
giggling as your makeshift crown
falls into your eyes
hair tangled and cheeks flushed
tripping over your too long tresses
knights fighting dragons
long wooden swords poke
into your stuffed visious 'dragon'

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