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Seeing For The 1st Time

late morning (but it feels so early)
so hot, so humid, you can barely breathe
sitting in the soapy water mattress of my bathtub
holding the shower head at such an angle so that it


Summer photos recall smoothies and wrestling games:
July bodies all
In shades of Welsh's caramels, blurring together from sun ray kisses,
Beach tans contrasting the pure white in our eyes

One Hot July Afternoon, I Got Down On My Knees And


(Can I count on You? Is this definite? Will implies no substitutions, no turning back, no
hesitations, no oscillations, no maybe’s.

A Peace; A Piece

there's a peace kept gently cupped in my hands
a tiny, living, breathing peace
a solitary, intrinsic peace
kept alive by my heartbeat and my hope

A Woman Lies Dying In Mexico

Unnoticed by the rest of the world, she
Never held any real interest for you either
You passively accepted her as one among many of your mother’s
Charity cases who spoke little English

Having Lost My Words

I doubt what I once knew:
“every minute of every hour, in my dreams and in my ‘wakes-
words like dancing deer through the grasses and

Sometimes I Sound Like An Accordion

There is no feeling quite as terrifying as not being able to breathe

You heave and choke for the oxygen that moments before
Sang sweetly down your throat;

When I Can Breathe Freely, I Want:

To play tag with my two little brothers on sunny days
When they plead with that sweet dew-dropp look in their eyes

To chase them gleefully around the field

Revelations I Wished I'D Had Sooner

A Sunday night. Through my half-cracked door
I can overhear my eleven-year old brother
Wheezing into his nebulizer in my parent’s
Room; my older brother is called from his girlfriend