Ginny Alloway Baker

Ginny Alloway Baker Poems

1. Behind Blue Eyes 1/12/2006
2. Bruised Reed 1/12/2006
3. Power In Prayer 1/12/2006
4. Creation And Worship 1/12/2006
5. Grand Daddy's Last Time 1/12/2006
6. You Ask Me Why 1/12/2006
7. What If Today Was The Day 1/12/2006
8. Enemy Death 1/12/2006
9. Today Is The Day 1/12/2006
10. When Is A Ring Not Just A Ring 1/12/2006
11. Spiritual Terrorists 1/12/2006
12. The Blame Game 1/12/2006
13. Enemies Of The Cross 1/12/2006
14. I Was Warned 1/12/2006
15. Virtuous Mother 1/12/2006
16. Before That Time 1/12/2006
17. You Saw...You Knew 1/12/2006
18. Spiritual Paradox 1/12/2006
19. Ambience Of The Past Ii 1/12/2006
20. The Chalice 1/12/2006
21. Poet To Poet 1/12/2006

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Best Poem of Ginny Alloway Baker

Poet To Poet

To you who read and review

“Iron sharpens iron
so one sharpens another”
Reading poems brings inspiration
unlike most any other.
Feeling…………. through seeing,
expressions of
love, hate, agony,
can kindle fresh and new,
many a memory.
Tapping into the vast reserve
of spirit and of soul,
To get thoughts on paper
flowing free,
is the poet’s goal.
More than fun, more than great,
is the satisfaction,
It’s the writing of the poetry,
and a reviewer’s good reaction.
Guarded remarks are best to be made
Lest the one baring be crushed...

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Behind Blue Eyes

What's the matter, I ask,
and looking back at me
pools of sadness in blue eyes
exposing the heart’s agony.
Four years old, and life should be
fun, full of love, and carefree.
Things have changed,
not for the best
loved ones departed

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