Gita Ashok

Biography of Gita Ashok

I play multiple fascinating roles in the drama of life - that of a daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law, aunt, mother, teacher, student, devotee, friend, artist, writer, reader, editor and so on and so forth.... Above all, a human being who is all the time intrigued by every tiny aspect of life on this planet. And now PoemHunter has given me a new and exciting role to play... that of a poet! ! ! I have a passion for life, art, reading, writing, walking, music, cooking, poetry, travelling, photography, blogging, embroidery, solving Sudoku and Crossword puzzles, watching the world go by and most importantly watching Nature.... Much of my inspiration for writing comes from Nature and all the various hues and moods of our lives. I strongly believe in the axiom:
'Dream as if you'll live forever,
live as if you'll die tomorrow.' Updates

I Am Escherichia Coli

This poem is about a microorganism - a normally harmless bacterium that resides in the intestinal tract of all human beings. It is called Escherichia coli. For a number of reasons, it is widely used in research, especially in genetic engineering. The poem attempts to portray some of the traits of this bacterium. It can best be appreciated by microbiologists and biochemists.

That I am a normal bacterium in your intestinal tract
Is a well-known and proven fact.
Under the microscope, you’ll fi

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