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I write whatever comes to me. My favorite things to write are epic dragon poems and poems about horses. I don't like freeverse but I really like rhyme because it gives poetry a nice sound...What do you think? I really enjoy the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini (aka Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance) . They sparked a love for fantasy within me. As some may have guessed, my name really isn't Glaedr. Glaedr is a name I got from the inheritance cycle. It was the name of an ancient and wise gold dragon. If you haven't read the cycle and you enjoy the magic of Harry Potter or the Adventure of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I'd strongly sugest checking them out. As for where I inhabit this earth, I live in a town of roughly 17,000 in Missouri. My dad being military, I lived in three different states in a 9 year span. But now he is no longer an 'active member' of the military and we are in Missouri. I have always had a desire to live out in the country. In my free time I enjoy riding horses any chance I get! Updates

Watching The Storm

Lightning flashes, I hear the thunder's drum
I stand transfixed by this hypnotic thrum
Dark clouds veil the sky, I feel great fear
The wind whips about me, 'will the sky ever again be clear? '
'when it does, what will have been the cost?
a mighty storm it is! how many lives will be lost? '
I ponder these things, my mind wonders free
Just as the rain begins to fall upon me
I withdraw my gaze and with a gentle stride