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241. My Right Big Toe 10/17/2013
242. Rehearsal 10/17/2013
243. The Spirit: A Song 10/17/2013
244. Observe A Traveler In A Foreign Land 10/17/2013
245. Beer 10/17/2013
246. Doing My Duty 10/17/2013
247. When I Go Home 10/17/2013
248. At Home, In Bed, Awake, On My Side, Alone 10/17/2013
249. Two Moths 10/17/2013
250. My Arsenal 10/17/2013
251. Buffing My Soul 10/17/2013
252. Let's Make A Deal 10/17/2013
253. Thank God 10/17/2013
254. Dog Is God Backwards 10/17/2013
255. Confessions Of A Five Year Old 10/17/2013
256. Happy Motoring 10/17/2013
257. Change Of Plans 10/17/2013
258. Go Fly A Kite 10/17/2013
259. Nsa 10/17/2013
260. Before I Delete You (If You Haven'T Deleted Me Already) 10/17/2013
261. My Theory Of Gardening 10/17/2013
262. The Bogie 10/17/2013
263. Team Player 10/17/2013
264. Tennis, Anyone? 10/17/2013
265. Priority 10/17/2013
266. Toying With You 10/17/2013
267. Puberty 10/17/2013
268. Trapped In The Haunted House Ride 10/17/2013
269. My Rummage Sale 10/17/2013
270. Ballad Of The Fall Of Troy 10/17/2013
271. Peripheral Vision 10/17/2013
272. Mount Rushmore 10/17/2013
273. Toxic Relationships 10/17/2013

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Best Poem of Glen Martin Fitch

Toxic Relationships

In great dismay you came.
'Look! I've been bit! '
'You play with serpents, friend.
The charmer charmed.'
Distressed, you cried out,
flailing in a fit,
till shock set in.
At that I grew alarmed.
I'm scouting trained.
My friendship I can prove.
I lanced your wound
and sucked and spat
and sucked and spat again,
the deadly poison to remove.
I saved your life,
so why do I feel fucked?
And even then I thought,
I can't ignore I risk this venom
getting in my veins.
And what's in this for me
for all my pains? ...

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To A New Friend

Now everything is cool.
We're at that stage
when trust, respect feel sure.
We sense a link in struggle,
pain and hope.
As we engage
things fall in place,
we think in sync.
But some day

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