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201. To Edmund Spenser 10/17/2013
202. A Harvest Ode 10/17/2013
203. A Dream 10/17/2013
204. Contrary Realities 10/17/2013
205. The Real Reason I Left 10/17/2013
206. Thirty Years After He Died 10/17/2013
207. On First Looking Into Jung's 'Man And His Symbols' 10/17/2013
208. Entombed 10/17/2013
209. Mulberry Circle 10/17/2013
210. The Lord Of Misrule 10/17/2013
211. Forgotten Before Waking 10/17/2013
212. Patch Work 10/17/2013
213. A Farewell 10/17/2013
214. A Contemporary 'Get Well' Card 10/17/2013
215. A Mother's Song 10/17/2013
216. The Universal Response 10/17/2013
217. Ex Libris 10/17/2013
218. What A New Pink Pearl ™ Eraser Means To Me 10/17/2013
219. Castles On The Shore 10/17/2013
220. To Virgins If There Still Are Any Or Musings On The Unicorn In Captivity Tapestry 10/17/2013
221. When Players Know Their Instruments So Well 10/17/2013
222. Like A Virus 10/17/2013
223. To John Keats 10/17/2013
224. Sleazy (Note Left In A Returned Paperback) 10/17/2013
225. This Ever Happen To You? 10/17/2013
226. In Search Of Beauty 10/17/2013
227. Monumental 10/17/2013
228. To Northrop Frye 10/17/2013
229. Farewell To Nausikaa 10/17/2013
230. Lore Of The Banshee 10/17/2013
231. Orfeo's Lament 10/17/2013
232. The Pool Of Memory 10/17/2013
233. After Words 10/17/2013
234. Life Is A Banquet And... 10/17/2013
235. Calling In Well 10/17/2013
236. Age Inappropriate 10/17/2013
237. I Affirm 10/17/2013
238. The Profane And The Sacred 10/17/2013
239. As Of Today 10/17/2013
240. Everyone's Favorite Sport 10/17/2013

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Best Poem of Glen Martin Fitch

Peripheral Vision

Just like a child
I always long
to be with you
and when I'm not
I fret and sigh
until I finally turn
my head and see you
busy in the corner
of my eye.
And like a teen
I fight so to feel free,
I push away
and yet I also
try to keep you trapped
in case you start to flee.
Stay busy in the corner
Of my eye.
My sadness seeks
to have you linger near
because I sense that
somehow you're not real.
My pride claims all
until you disappear.
But whether close or far
don't ever feel you're ...

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My Theory Of You

What primal pulse propels
the starry dust to fill
the seeming void?
Throughout the vast expanding universe
that vibrant gust elates,
enthralls all
in its bursting blast.
What constant converse power
counteracts that outward thrust?

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