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241. My Right Big Toe 10/17/2013
242. Rehearsal 10/17/2013
243. The Spirit: A Song 10/17/2013
244. Observe A Traveler In A Foreign Land 10/17/2013
245. Beer 10/17/2013
246. Doing My Duty 10/17/2013
247. When I Go Home 10/17/2013
248. At Home, In Bed, Awake, On My Side, Alone 10/17/2013
249. Two Moths 10/17/2013
250. My Arsenal 10/17/2013
251. Buffing My Soul 10/17/2013
252. Let's Make A Deal 10/17/2013
253. Thank God 10/17/2013
254. Dog Is God Backwards 10/17/2013
255. Confessions Of A Five Year Old 10/17/2013
256. Happy Motoring 10/17/2013
257. Change Of Plans 10/17/2013
258. Go Fly A Kite 10/17/2013
259. Nsa 10/17/2013
260. Before I Delete You (If You Haven'T Deleted Me Already) 10/17/2013
261. My Theory Of Gardening 10/17/2013
262. The Bogie 10/17/2013
263. Team Player 10/17/2013
264. Tennis, Anyone? 10/17/2013
265. Priority 10/17/2013
266. Toying With You 10/17/2013
267. Puberty 10/17/2013
268. Trapped In The Haunted House Ride 10/17/2013
269. My Rummage Sale 10/17/2013
270. Ballad Of The Fall Of Troy 10/17/2013
271. Peripheral Vision 10/17/2013
272. Toxic Relationships 10/17/2013
273. Mount Rushmore 10/17/2013

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Best Poem of Glen Martin Fitch

Mount Rushmore

The faces stare out
chiseled proud and bold
with polished cheeks,
their character defined.
No monument shows
heroes silly, kind or frail.
These giants look down
stoic, cold.
You face the world
resolved to make your day.
You strut and lean in
to intimidate.
When charm won't trick,
you'll then manipulate or bully
to insure you get your way.
But like geologists
who chip then name each strata,
I have tracked your faults and
mapped your self-contempt,
your molten fury,
trapped deep pits of prejudice, ...

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To A New Friend

Now everything is cool.
We're at that stage
when trust, respect feel sure.
We sense a link in struggle,
pain and hope.
As we engage
things fall in place,
we think in sync.
But some day

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