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Glenn Bagshaw Poems

1. Stage-Door Romeo - A Villanelle 2/9/2006
2. The Seasons 2/10/2006
3. Triolet-What He Told The Judge 3/1/2006
4. Wild Words 3/1/2006
5. Villanelle: Put In Our Place 3/8/2006
6. Sea Change 4/11/2006
7. On The Way (Triolet) 5/21/2006
8. Spring By Water 5/22/2006
9. After Reading The Cavalier Poets 5/28/2006
10. In Memoriam- After Tennyson 8/28/2005
11. Sir Plaintive Oldcastle's Song 8/28/2005
12. The Map That Spots Plots 12/9/2005
13. Acceptance 10/24/2005
14. The Real Truth For This Time Of Year 12/25/2005
15. Rain Lyrics 12/26/2005
16. Sudden Deaths 1/20/2006
17. Now And Then 8/30/2005
18. If Love 9/10/2005
19. End Of Term-The Music Student 9/10/2005
20. The Road Complains, And Then Wishes Us Well 9/11/2005
21. Audio Tape 9/15/2005
22. The Theory Of The Bigger Bang 9/25/2005
23. Our World: Intention And Action 10/23/2005
24. Worlds Rend Worlds 10/23/2005
25. Echo 10/23/2005
26. Ghost Town: Port West 12/14/2005
27. Hallowe'En Horror: Self-Reproach 4/16/2005
28. The Cycle 3/14/2005
29. Jessica Or Jezebel? 10/9/2005
30. On Casting A Fishing Lure Into A Tree 7/17/2005
31. Diogenes-Or-He Realized There's No Honest Men 8/22/2005
32. The Goddess 8/23/2005
33. Unfulfilled Potential 8/23/2005
34. Love When Moist 8/24/2005
35. Triolet: Still Awake 6/19/2006
36. George Bernard Flaw (Triolet) 6/25/2006
37. Infinite Regress-On And On (Triolet) 6/27/2006
38. Sleep Is Life's Weird Reality (Triolet) 6/27/2006
39. Love Triolet 6/30/2006
40. No Vacancy 7/1/2006

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Best Poem of Glenn Bagshaw

Afternoon In Summer

Cloud-popping, blue-raved summer sky
with light stuck out like a tongue:
you're the gorgon's gaze
to a warm, dry earth
charmed almost stone.
For voice the sweeping laugh
of wind's your way.
Even the morning-marvelling birds
are almost crazed in the bright wideness
of your tuned world.
They cry the sun-thrilled call of:
Sky! Sky! Sky!
Wings fling in tree-tipped reach of vaulted runs
sun-dialed in time-
Inches the touch of thrifty night-
and, with thumb smudged in shadows,
snuffs out the light.

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I'Ll Clearly Disappear

I’m in my great-grandmother's old photo album
from ninety years ago, and I seem much the same.
Sure, I'm gloss-finished, black and white, and yes, some frayed.
Yet not so bad for my age. Looking much like her,
it's almost that I'm not just myself as the flow
of generations are now gathered, like the seas.
Much the same in one life, as photos make childhood
quicken once again. One picture's an aperture
to these past worlds. Once more boats sound in harbour's night.