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Glenn Bagshaw Poems

81. For Dawn-Founder Of A Poetry Workshop Internet Site 1/3/2007
82. At Eight Years Of Age 3/23/2007
83. Triolet: Heard On The Corner 3/4/2010
84. Triolet: Unseen View From The Bar Stool 3/4/2010
85. Triolet; What She Said At The Corner 3/4/2010
86. Go Fly A Kite 3/5/2010
87. Fading Out 3/6/2010
88. Dream Girl 3/22/2010
89. Birds 8/20/2005
90. Winter Walk 8/28/2005
91. Under Construction 5/23/2010
92. Certain Things Are Created In Beauty, Over And Over... 9/26/2005
93. One Day At The Apartment 10/7/2005
94. Triolet: It Got Away 5/26/2010
95. Kentucky Fried Love Poem: Reseedin' Eden 6/7/2010
96. Making The Cut 6/7/2010
97. January As Poet-Lover 1/21/2006
98. The Pews That Seem To Sing 8/7/2010
99. Mirror, Mirror, You Should Fall 6/21/2006
100. Epigram 8/9/2010
101. Triolet: An Orphan 6/25/2006
102. Time's Up 6/25/2006
103. Biology 101: Two Lovers+one Frog (Triolet) 6/27/2006
104. Why Not To Read About Mind-Body Dualism! 6/29/2006
105. Pair Bonding And Other Tortures 8/7/2006
106. They Meet After Many Years 8/7/2006
107. The Truth? Add And Divide By Two 8/18/2006
108. The Word-Avoid The Third 8/18/2006
109. Life By Birds 8/18/2006
110. Morning's Door 8/20/2006
111. The Toasting Ghost 9/2/2006
112. Icarus Changes Hobbies 9/3/2006
113. Thus We Stay... 9/15/2006
114. Time- The Jerk 9/23/2006
115. Triolet's Turn For The Worse 9/28/2006
116. When Hot Is Not! 11/2/2006
117. Yes, My Poems Finished Last... 11/5/2006
118. Human Beings And Other Agonies Of Existence 11/19/2006
119. November 22,2006. 11/25/2006
120. Spider Legs Considered 4/4/2007

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Best Poem of Glenn Bagshaw

Afternoon In Summer

Cloud-popping, blue-raved summer sky
with light stuck out like a tongue:
you're the gorgon's gaze
to a warm, dry earth
charmed almost stone.
For voice the sweeping laugh
of wind's your way.
Even the morning-marvelling birds
are almost crazed in the bright wideness
of your tuned world.
They cry the sun-thrilled call of:
Sky! Sky! Sky!
Wings fling in tree-tipped reach of vaulted runs
sun-dialed in time-
Inches the touch of thrifty night-
and, with thumb smudged in shadows,
snuffs out the light.

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The Map That Spots Plots

When you're racing unsure
through some strange neighbourhood
you won't trace new faces
the way that one could.
You're quite isolated,
but not due to locations.....

Maps should highlight sites of intentions,
and with twisting symbols chart cranial travel,

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