Glenn Bagshaw Poems

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My Dad's Old Plymouth-(Triolet)

So the steering wheel showed a ship
in my dad's coupe from years ago.
Cars in boys' mind-brakes just won't slip
so the steering wheel showed a ship.

Construction Sight

A life means that many times each dies
for ends don't close a single-stranded thing
but hives the network of all that apprise

Spiritual Transformation

It seemed somehow I was again awake,
and yet old life was now all passed away.

Talking To Yourself

When praying, he heard God's Voice
and whispered matter-of-factly:
'Your Will be done. I think as You.'
Lord's emphatic word -'Exactly! '

Measuring Up

my boy who stands against his door
tells me how tall he'd like to be
and leaps a line above his head.

Fighting Back

Great Keats and Shelley now are dead.
They read what “writ in water” said.

The None That Got Away

We cast our nets in hope upon this stream.
The fluxing currents drift and shift what's true.

The Bus Ride In The Blizzard

As I escape by bus, I think of him,
my uncle who has kept his house the same
for over fifty years: yellow newsprint
banners, 'Sputnik into Space! '-UFO

Teen Love

The wide world swerved around and then yelled 'now! '
So I loved you as stilted sun's reply
sang high as spring flings birds or rain would know
to tap aware dear hearts below the sky

How The Arbutus Tree Came To Gabriola Island

(The arbutus tree can only survive a few miles from ocean water)