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Glenn Bagshaw Poems

121. The End Of Sally 5/14/2006
122. In The Picture 7/26/2010
123. For An Uppity Roofer 8/1/2010
124. I Loved You (Triolet) 6/19/2006
125. Lost Spring 4/20/2006
126. What The Padre Heard In Guatemala 4/8/2007
127. The Love Song Of J. Alfred Foodtalk 4/13/2007
128. Curtains! I Wuz Framed! (Triolet) 5/2/2007
129. Advice From Herrick The Gardener 5/3/2007
130. One With The Seasons 5/14/2007
131. Herrick-A Lyric Of Tribute 6/12/2007
132. Herrick Today 6/12/2007
133. Picture Eternity 8/8/2007
134. One Day In Summer 9/23/2007
135. Mowing Down Summer (Triolet) 10/15/2007
136. Where Wolf? 10/20/2007
137. Spanish Fly (Triolet) 10/20/2007
138. Armour: Another Thing You Can'T Take With You 10/27/2007
139. Herrick The Gardener Likes It 10/31/2007
140. Talking To Yourself 4/10/2007
141. The None That Got Away 4/24/2006
142. Fighting Back 2/14/2006
143. The Accursed Triolet 4/4/2007
144. Measuring Up 2/27/2010
145. How The Arbutus Tree Came To Gabriola Island 10/25/2009
146. Teen Love 10/3/2005
147. The Bus Ride In The Blizzard 10/7/2005
148. Construction Sight 3/24/2010
149. Spiritual Transformation 9/23/2006
150. My Dad's Old Plymouth-(Triolet) 1/3/2007
151. Blowing The Foam (Adult Limericks) 9/1/2005
152. Katherine 10/10/2005
153. I'Ll Clearly Disappear 2/3/2006
154. Hard Knocks High 8/29/2005
155. Springhill, Nova Scotia 9/3/2006
156. A Plea For Insensibility 10/26/2005
157. Love Game Courts Rackets 8/7/2006
158. A Druid Speaks 4/4/2007
159. Grief 8/21/2005
160. Ezra Pound's Cantos 8/7/2010

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Afternoon In Summer

Cloud-popping, blue-raved summer sky
with light stuck out like a tongue:
you're the gorgon's gaze
to a warm, dry earth
charmed almost stone.
For voice the sweeping laugh
of wind's your way.
Even the morning-marvelling birds
are almost crazed in the bright wideness
of your tuned world.
They cry the sun-thrilled call of:
Sky! Sky! Sky!
Wings fling in tree-tipped reach of vaulted runs
sun-dialed in time-
Inches the touch of thrifty night-
and, with thumb smudged in shadows,
snuffs out the light.

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Sudden Deaths

We move, like an insolvent, touring band;
and when we go, we're blurred you understand.
We leave the kettle on, TV blaring
drool half the cake, dreary novel wearing
just grasp of space that hands once held before.
Pronounce the sentence. Who'll read anymore?

and then when gone, who'll mention us again?
One summer, three friends sailed quite near to Spain

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