Glenn Bagshaw Poems

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Infinite Regress-On And On (Triolet)

But it's a dream and nothing more
and he can't even seem to breathe.
Oh damn dead ends without a door

Sleep Is Life's Weird Reality (Triolet)


On slumbering we come alive
and all our dreams walk Truth's Great Hall

Love Triolet

I soak you up as I do day
so I can't let your image go.
Your sweetness seeps in me, they say.
I soak you up as I do day.

No Vacancy

Like sound will toll in a swung bell
some hear your name as rung on air,
as despair's knelling cloud-chimes tell-

Nature's Lesson #602 (Triolet)

Once thrown, stones vex recall of pool
and sky's water-mirror shatters.
Ripples and sun's rayed image duel
once thrown stones vex recall of pool.

School Days

Hallowe'En Treat

A jack- o- lantern smiles tonight
a sly and sneering goblin grin.
A squash now mocks my life once bright,
for halloween’s so black-cat dim.

Buddha Reported On Cnn Today That Life Is Suffering

That Life is Suffering

Still In The Picture

Some often wonder, what's the hidden past?
As when a guest will view a friend's new room,
and here a photo: one has stood steadfast
but next to him a moon of space in bloom

Our World: Intention And Action

This is the world our actions find a home.
Here the forward and then back,
that sideways bob and weave,
the plucky up and down;