Glenn Cassidy

Glenn Cassidy Poems

1. O Scar Award For Best Performance. 5/2/2006
2. Osiris And Horus Amaze Me 5/2/2006
3. On Inspiration 5/2/2006
4. Mynds I 5/2/2006
5. Lifes A Peach... Or Maybe A Nectarine 5/2/2006
6. Swan And The Duck 5/2/2006
7. Surrender In Obeisance 5/2/2006
8. The Economy Of Poetry 5/2/2006
9. No Longer Moved By The News 5/2/2006
10. Another Year 5/2/2006
11. Ahhhmmmmaaayyyytttt 5/2/2006
12. Yacophony 5/2/2006
13. In Response To On The Bench 5/2/2006
14. All That Glisters 5/2/2006
15. Still Sedate 5/2/2006
16. Robot Rendering At Pkd 5/30/2006
17. Yo Dog, Lissen Up 5/30/2006
18. Prey 5/30/2006
19. Questianity 2b: Lord Of The Flies 5/30/2006
20. Linger 5/30/2006
21. The Long Walk Of The Alchemical Gambler 5/30/2006
22. The Flinch 5/30/2006
23. Walk In Storms Remnants 5/2/2006
24. J'Accuse I 5/2/2006
25. Slow Poetry Movement 5/30/2006
26. Photon Ed (He's Wrong In The Head) 5/2/2006
27. Tippex 5/30/2006
28. Tangram- The 5040 Poems Of A World Peaced Together 5/30/2006

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Best Poem of Glenn Cassidy

Tangram- The 5040 Poems Of A World Peaced Together

Instructions: Arrange the lines of this poem in any order you find pleasing. To increase world peace and understanding, pass your version on to a friend and ask them to do the same: -)

On the seven board of cunning
You can arrange the pieces
With geographic diplomacy
To make different shapes
If your mind is agile
The continents move so
When the people are at peace

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Swan And The Duck

oww oww oww
hard day at the office
stick the pig, stick the pig
ooh ooh ooh
wait till she walks on the bike path
killing me, giving me cancer
give her a mirror with
'You're ugly on the inside too'
scrawled in blood
red lipstick.

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