41. The Mortgaged Man 10/14/2016
42. The Man On The Outskirts 10/14/2016
43. An Eternal Journey 10/2/2015
44. Nay Adieu 10/2/2015
45. Haiku 6 10/6/2015
46. Hangover Of Love 11/1/2015
47. The Gandhi-Man 10/4/2015
48. Creator 10/2/2015
49. No Farewell 10/6/2015
50. An Evening On Roadside 10/2/2015

An Evening On Roadside

The sun voyages on day’s last tour
Delves to relax
To make some rest and rest awake
The boatmen like a defeated soldier
Sails tireless though
Humming a song blissful however
Seems despondent and dejected
A thin line of smile fixed in face
Trapped are the limbs
By bulky exertion
Though caged in melancholy.
The cat moves hither and thither
Staring at her fisherman master’s face
Expecting to fill her empty stomach
With gills and fins fresh.

The lady at home
Prepares weapons, salt and spices
For a storage long
With broad and wide smile ...

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An Eternal Journey

The unsung melody
Oozing from the silent teeth
Behind wide, no-frilled and innate lips
Of a damsel.
The showering blessings
Of cool moonbeam
Piercing through the night
Blanketing the earth at rest
A respite one and the same

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