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God is Good Poems

1. Rivers? 5/6/2009
2. In Need 5/7/2009
3. Doesn'T Matter; Yet It Does 7/7/2009
4. I Feel...Confused 7/7/2009
5. A Feeling You Give Me* 10/23/2009
6. My Friend* 6/17/2009
7. If Only...* 5/12/2009
8. If Only Ii (Light) * 5/12/2009
9. To My...Friend? * 5/27/2009
10. Wish Not(Have It All) 5/30/2009
11. Poem Wrote To Me: By A...Friend 4/21/2009
12. Just Jotting Down My Thoughts 4/23/2009
13. Not A Poem(Me) 4/21/2009
14. The Day We Met(Who Knew) * 6/11/2009
15. Another For Ema 6/7/2009
16. Saddly Untitled* 9/10/2009
17. What Exactly Is It? 4/27/2009
18. One Of My Many Struggles 6/7/2009
19. So Misbehaved! (Haha...I Think) 6/9/2009
20. So You Think... 4/30/2009
21. You There, Are Mines! 4/9/2009
22. Nothing New 4/9/2009
23. Late Night Thoughtsjust That(So Not Really A Poem 5/1/2009
24. When Darkness Comes; I'Ll Be There 5/12/2009
25. Awkward Letter To Mother 5/6/2009
26. Just Because... 4/30/2009
27. One Day 4/8/2009
28. Font Color=fusiamy Dearest Little Ema ♥ 5/18/2009
29. Letter To My Inner Enemy 4/16/2009
30. My Tears; Rain 4/9/2009
31. Young Girls 4/11/2009
32. (untitled) 10/23/2009
33. That Poor Child 6/7/2009
Best Poem of God is Good

That Poor Child

She's been abandoned,
she's been abused,
in so many different ways.
Yet she wants to find love,
feels she needs a friend,
still longing for the day.
One minute she's a cruel one,
quite hard to get along with.
Then the next she's a sweet heart,
wondering what it'd be like to be kissed.
You'd see her once and she's angry,
at no one in particular.
Then, twice, and she's crying
wondering why no one likes her.
She's never been hugged,
or ever told that she's preety.
She's forced to suck it up,
and hold it all in.
Oh dear, what a ...

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My Tears; Rain

Theres a dark cloud heading our way....
The roar of the thunder scares everyone away...
The flash of lightning makes everyone scream...
Theres a thunderstorm... that's what it seems..

But no one believes looks are decieving..
And no one realizes that I am missing.

Standing in an abandoned field.....

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