Godfrey Machuka

Biography of Godfrey Machuka

I am the first born in my family, very protective and responsible.

I have a keen eye for life's philosophic happenings and have since trained myself to blend with its highs and lows, usually sublimig and soaring with its intricate yet resourceful provisions.

Currently I am a practising journalist in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, an ambition I nurtured since my babyhood (trust me, thats where it all started when I marvelled at the magic of how a radio and televison set function)

I like colourful literature especially on reactions to life's actions, investigative stories and enriching poetry, be it in written or sang in songs like blues and reggae.

Looking forward to a bright future bearing in mind the innevitable huddles and obstacles one must summount to achieve particular dreams.

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Take Heart

When your night prolongs
And your sun glows dim
When to you it rains hailstones
And life blows like a tornado
Take heart.

When the buds of your life fail to unfold
Yawns of insufficiency and strife untold
Travelling through nothingness