Godfrey Morris

Gold Star - 6,438 Points [George] (August 1,1982 / Kingston, Jamaica)

Godfrey Morris Quotes

  • ''love is the most powerful weapon we have
    but will we ever us it''
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  • ''Time is one of life most
    Precious commodity.
    One that is needed to
    Find the true self''
  • ''We must not live only for
    For while we live
    Others die for us
    To live''
  • ''We don't live in a perfect world
    But we can strive to claim
    Our own perfection.''
  • ''Criticism is easier made
    Than solutions.''
  • ''You will never know the limits of possibilities until you have exceeded them.''
    determination, faith
  • ''The world is a fantasy
    A perfect illusion
    That keeps getting older''

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Best Poem of Godfrey Morris

Pythagoras Theorem

The Pythagoras' Theorem
by godfrey morris

Pythagoras! Pythagoras!
Where is thy Theorem?
Pythagoras! Pythagoras!
What is your law?

Hypotenuse side squared
Equals the sum
Of the other two
Side Squared
In a right-angled Triangle
The truth is right there

Pythagoras! Pythagoras!
How did you know?
The Pyramids of Eygpt
Is there you now go

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A Poem

A verse am I, in a twist,

Listen! You will hear, and get this gist

A prose, confounded in a diet of words

Holding expressions of virtue, to my world

One so hidden in simple complexities

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