Godspower Oshodin

Biography of Godspower Oshodin

Godspower Oshodin, a young avid writer, poet, inspirational speaker and occasional actor who dwells in the state of aquatic splendour in Nigeria (Lagos State) . He's a prolific writer. He has a couple of poems, novels, short stories, movie script his credit. He has also basked awards and accolades to his credit, both local and international. He has three published books in the international market.

Godspower Oshodin's Works:

'See What Life Has Done! ' 'when my heart had a voice! 'This must be New york! '

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The Voice Of An Old Man

An old winny smile, graving my face
a thought of prepoutrous calling, trying to lace
i wade through this tunnel, with the mimic of smile
slow and steady this long miles.
how many times my moment with a look
faded times this crampy journey i took.
a soft unusual touch from sleep
at this moment, might scanning to leap.
i murmur silently at ease