Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini

Freshman - 526 Points [Shotaromeo thePoet] (08 December 1992 / KwaZulu Natal, Pinetown)

Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini Poems

41. Please Arts 4/24/2014
42. R.I.P Tata 4/24/2014
43. When I'Am Single 8/28/2014
44. The Life We Have Lived 9/16/2014
45. Night Riders 9/25/2014
46. 'You Mean The World' 9/25/2014
47. 'A Letter To The President' 10/5/2014
48. Ngibabonile Kancane 10/7/2014
49. 'The Missing Poem' 10/19/2014
50. Which Love? 4/22/2015
51. Kuhlwa Ngomnyama 4/22/2015
52. The Letter 5/10/2015
53. Turn Off 5/10/2015
54. Amadwala 10/14/2015
55. The Soldier 10/14/2015
56. You Before The World 10/14/2015
57. Kasi Girls (Dassenhoek) 10/14/2015
58. In Waiting 10/14/2015
59. Let Me 10/14/2015
60. The Reason I Left 10/14/2015
61. 'When A Gold-Digger Has Find Wrong Mine' 10/14/2015
62. Yes You Should 10/14/2015
63. Here 10/14/2015
64. The Beast Collab. Phil Will 4/28/2014
65. All Stars “come With Me Collaboetry’’: - -Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini, Donald Kuutsi, Benevolent Masora, Mudikani Gondora, Simbarashe Mudukuti, Albert Sithole And Gaylord Mu 5/5/2014
66. Umqhafazo 5/9/2014
67. Intrude 5/17/2014
68. Today I'M Going 3/12/2015
69. Thando Lakuwe Ngifuna Ukuba U Musa 5/8/2012
70. Analgesia 5/8/2012
71. Umandulo 5/29/2012
72. You Are Fired 8/28/2014
73. What You Plant Is What You Reap 8/17/2012
74. Izinhlungu Ezifihliwe 1/12/2015
75. If Poetry Was A War 5/5/2014
76. Me And Her 10/31/2012
77. That's Me Walking 10/4/2012
78. Cutting The Edge 10/4/2012
79. That's When Love Fade 5/8/2012
80. Kubanzima 5/9/2012
Best Poem of Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini

Don'T Mind I Am Going To Be With You.

In that night I will walk with you to the light.
In that mountain I will climb with you to the plain.
In that journey I will travel with you to destine.
In that party I will dance with you through the end.
In that pain I will fill it with you till analgesia.
In this life I will live it with you till the end.

I've been sinking for someone like you,
Like you were bone for me, I was bone for you.
I was hungry you came and fill me up
I was sick but you came with the medicine
I wasn't completed but you came and complete me
I wasn't frying but you came and ...

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That's When Love Fade

That when love fade
Person recently arrived…
Saying the same story you identify, like it new in your ears,
Perform as new in your eyes,
Talking with the voice you never heard,
Having the smile you haven't seen,
Beautiful like the first one on earth…
To choose face from god
Walking like Michael Jackson in a dance floor moon walking

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