Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini

Freshman - 526 Points [Shotaromeo thePoet] (08 December 1992 / KwaZulu Natal, Pinetown)

Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini Poems

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82. That's My Name 5/17/2012
83. This Is Where It Raining 5/17/2012
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85. The Beauty 8/20/2013
86. What Is Love? 6/2/2013
87. Come With Me 4/24/2014
88. Amanqampunqampu (Headlines) 8/17/2012
89. The Last Man Standing 6/5/2012
90. That's Not You 5/17/2012
91. Uyong'Khumbula Wemntanami 5/15/2012
92. It Time To Say Goodbye (Grade 7 Bhekokuhle Primary School) 4/24/2014
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95. My Life In Action 5/18/2012
96. Where Are You? 9/4/2012
97. Education 5/5/2012
98. This Is The Poem Without Words 5/15/2012
99. Africa My Africa 7/12/2013
100. Far Away From Me 5/24/2012
101. Strange Love 6/10/2012
102. Don'T Mind I Am Going To Be With You. 5/28/2012
Best Poem of Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini

Don'T Mind I Am Going To Be With You.

In that night I will walk with you to the light.
In that mountain I will climb with you to the plain.
In that journey I will travel with you to destine.
In that party I will dance with you through the end.
In that pain I will fill it with you till analgesia.
In this life I will live it with you till the end.

I've been sinking for someone like you,
Like you were bone for me, I was bone for you.
I was hungry you came and fill me up
I was sick but you came with the medicine
I wasn't completed but you came and complete me
I wasn't frying but you came and ...

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I was stacked in the love of lies
Knowing myself as a winner but I am a looser
I expressed my pain but didn't cry, i tried to convince myself
That there was nothing, but there was something
That digs my personality
I didn't stop to be logical, curious about her
But what i founded is what i was searching for….
Mystery truth that she was cheating on me,

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