Goodnightand Farewell

Rookie [The Comical Victim] (Pre-IPhone / Indiana)

Biography of Goodnightand Farewell

I anonamoously write, because, while I'm no SERIOUS 'aspiring poet', I'd be ashamed for my earthly title to associate with it's related-mind's pitiful creations. So, poetry, I'm really sorry about this.

Goodnightand Farewell's Works:

Ha, harsh. As if I qualified for even local newspaper publication. Updates

How They Still Smile

That such a thing could have happened,
lets me know, no other will now. We're at the end.
Child, send
for that saviour you call master.
Ask for the guides to happiness, retrieve these for me.
Analyze your answer to find why I lay, demolished,
at such a depth!

Friend, hurry your best

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