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Rookie (nova scotia, canada)

gordon coombes Poems

1. Night Of A Thousand Hours, No.1 2/19/2005
2. For Charles Bukowski 2/25/2005
3. At The Last Minute 2/26/2005
4. Inside The Jumble Jar With Marauding Mobs Of Lobsters 3/2/2005
5. Earthbound Angels: Doubting Angel 4/15/2005
6. Night Of A Thousand Hours, No.1, Part 2 2/20/2005
7. Stonefish Tigerlilies & Other Oddities 2/21/2005
8. Oh So Sweet Weed 3/5/2005
9. Walking With The Dead 2/24/2005
10. The Runawaytrain Of History No.1 4/6/2005
11. Runawaytrain No.2 4/6/2005
12. Mixed Messages In Deciphered Dreams From Tales Of Cafe Apollinaire 2/21/2005
13. Man Was Made To Mourn-A Dirge 2/22/2005
14. Earthbound Angels: Not A Prophet/Misunderstood Messiah 4/15/2005
15. Earth Bound Angel # 8/ Wounded Bird 3/19/2005
16. An Epic For Our Time: A Requiem ' Part 1 ' All The Poets Are Gone ' 2/1/2007
17. An Epic For Our Time: A Requiem Part Iii: Tragedy Of Man 2/12/2007
18. An Epic For Our Time: A Requiem Part Iv: Inversion 2/12/2007
19. An Epic For Our Time: A Requiem, Part Viii: Czars Of The Cafe In Exile 3/12/2007
20. As If 9/18/2007
21. Life On Pause 1/5/2009
22. The Blank Slate 8/15/2007
23. Earthbound Angel # 7 New Age Angel: Muse Of Cafe Apollinaire 4/15/2005
24. As The Fog Rolls In 8/15/2007
25. Poems Gutted Like Dead Fish 6/14/2006
26. Tourists Travel & Empires 2/24/2005
27. The Masks We Wear 3/5/2005
28. The Buddha & The Blue Horses In The Snow 3/26/2005
29. Earthbound Angel #5 Sensuous Angel Or The Rose Of Sharon 4/15/2005
30. Let's Get Surreal: For H.P. Lovecraft 2/21/2005

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Earthbound Angel #5 Sensuous Angel Or The Rose Of Sharon

Being an earthbound angel
her wings curled up
enclosing her/cloaking her
parted letting him in
watching herself from afar
each time desiring/regretting the parting
lost in sensuous pleasures
feeding baser appetites
in the garden of earthly delights
in search of an unbounded love
seeking an Adonis
a satyr/a faun
who satisfies her desires
unable to see beyond the masks
willingly seduced
after a few drinks
the short lived affair
lasting a night or a weekend
left feeling confused
only to begin her search again -

From out of ...

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Walking With The Dead

spending an evening with the dead
as i take my nightly walk
along the streets of this sad little town
along the streets of that sad city years ago
these spectres these ghosts these ghouls
some straggle behind
others race on ahead
their moans & their groans
their cries their rants

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