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gordon coombes Poems

1. Night Of A Thousand Hours, No.1 2/19/2005
2. For Charles Bukowski 2/25/2005
3. At The Last Minute 2/26/2005
4. Inside The Jumble Jar With Marauding Mobs Of Lobsters 3/2/2005
5. Earthbound Angels: Doubting Angel 4/15/2005
6. Night Of A Thousand Hours, No.1, Part 2 2/20/2005
7. Stonefish Tigerlilies & Other Oddities 2/21/2005
8. Oh So Sweet Weed 3/5/2005
9. Walking With The Dead 2/24/2005
10. The Runawaytrain Of History No.1 4/6/2005
11. Runawaytrain No.2 4/6/2005
12. Mixed Messages In Deciphered Dreams From Tales Of Cafe Apollinaire 2/21/2005
13. Man Was Made To Mourn-A Dirge 2/22/2005
14. Earthbound Angels: Not A Prophet/Misunderstood Messiah 4/15/2005
15. Earth Bound Angel # 8/ Wounded Bird 3/19/2005
16. An Epic For Our Time: A Requiem ' Part 1 ' All The Poets Are Gone ' 2/1/2007
17. An Epic For Our Time: A Requiem Part Iii: Tragedy Of Man 2/12/2007
18. An Epic For Our Time: A Requiem Part Iv: Inversion 2/12/2007
19. An Epic For Our Time: A Requiem, Part Viii: Czars Of The Cafe In Exile 3/12/2007
20. As If 9/18/2007
21. Life On Pause 1/5/2009
22. The Blank Slate 8/15/2007
23. Earthbound Angel # 7 New Age Angel: Muse Of Cafe Apollinaire 4/15/2005
24. As The Fog Rolls In 8/15/2007
25. Poems Gutted Like Dead Fish 6/14/2006
26. Tourists Travel & Empires 2/24/2005
27. The Masks We Wear 3/5/2005
28. The Buddha & The Blue Horses In The Snow 3/26/2005
29. Earthbound Angel #5 Sensuous Angel Or The Rose Of Sharon 4/15/2005
30. Let's Get Surreal: For H.P. Lovecraft 2/21/2005

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Earthbound Angel #5 Sensuous Angel Or The Rose Of Sharon

Being an earthbound angel
her wings curled up
enclosing her/cloaking her
parted letting him in
watching herself from afar
each time desiring/regretting the parting
lost in sensuous pleasures
feeding baser appetites
in the garden of earthly delights
in search of an unbounded love
seeking an Adonis
a satyr/a faun
who satisfies her desires
unable to see beyond the masks
willingly seduced
after a few drinks
the short lived affair
lasting a night or a weekend
left feeling confused
only to begin her search again -

From out of ...

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The Masks We Wear

searching for a mask to wear
trying on one identity or another
where is my true face you ask
& I wonder about it
for awhile til I realize
it is forever changing
from day to day
no longer am I
who you believed I was

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