gordon coombes Poems

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An Epic For Our Time: A Requiem Part Iii: Tragedy Of Man

There is no end to the tragedy of man
the people jobless & homeless without a country
children throw stones at soldiers & tanks
their homes crushed by bulldozers

An Epic For Our Time: A Requiem Part Iv: Inversion

build a fire to light the night
build a fire to celebrate
build a fire to purify & purge
build a fire for all to rally around

As fallen angels
they see themselves
gathering in smokey cafes
tossed out on their ears

Oh So Sweet Weed

seems like centuries
years stretched out
across this desert
crawling along

Walking With The Dead

spending an evening with the dead
as i take my nightly walk
along the streets of this sad little town
along the streets of that sad city years ago

Earthbound Angels: Doubting Angel

From Sun Flower Sutra of Siddhartha Gautama
to Moses at Mount Sinai
to the Nazarene's sermon on the mount
to Mohammed's vision

Night Of A Thousand Hours, No.1, Part 2

a thousand drunks
puking beside the tree
in front of my house
men dressed in tuxedos or thousand dollar suits

Stonefish Tigerlilies & Other Oddities

Free the guilty hang the innocent
Love your enemies hate your friends-

an elephant paces the floor

The Runawaytrain Of History No.1

On the verge dancing on razor blades
unable unwilling to change
standing on the brink
needing to take a step back

Runawaytrain No.2

It’s the price of fame
you’re on a runaway train-

love is just a game