Grace Hays Biography

hello all...i know that i am changing this but oh well...just want to say thank you for reading what i write...some of the poems on here might actually be part of a short story that i am working on...i want to thank all of my friends for giving me support while i am writing these...i know that not all sound like poems or look like a poem is supposed to but i am just writing from my heart...and if you have any questions bout that just ask Doc Wilde bout my writing and he will talk to you...he is a good guy and a good i feel like some of these aren't my best but please bear with me as i try to get back into my groove that i used to be in when i wrote as a kid...and yes i do know that i have a lot of potential as another one of my friends would say...well this is practice for get better at what i do...well thanks again and please enjoy...and please forgive the language in several...Alwalys & 4ever, Grace(aka Doc's Gracie)
ps you can find some other information about me at thanks

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