Gracelyn Gutierrez

Biography of Gracelyn Gutierrez

Ok. lets see....I am a 13 year old from California who is obsessed with the dead and has a growning hatred for the living.Every day a new cut appears on my wrist, salt water sting it. anyway, for some reason i have a british accent instead of a cali one...... i hav a feeling i was adopted.... my bf abused me for a while but somehow he magically changed into a warm hearted guy... Updates

Such An Idiot Never Was

As he sits next to me, comforting me, I think to myself
were is the idiot that was?
the one that beat me and yelled
and cursed....
the painful memories that I bring back through the pain.
'Where have you gone? the mean one? '
he replies with his voice smooth as honey
'such an Idiot never was'
but I can see him. he is in him.

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