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Graham Jones Poems

1. Sadness. 1/24/2006
2. Quid Pro Quo. 1/24/2006
3. The World We Live In. 1/25/2006
4. Peace On Earth. 1/25/2006
5. My Bridge Of Sighs. 1/26/2006
6. Tears In Time. 1/27/2006
7. Sadness 1/31/2006
8. Secrets. 2/3/2006
9. Small Boats Adrift. 3/25/2006
10. A Time To Act. 3/28/2006
11. Bullets And Bombs. 3/28/2006
12. Food For Thought. 3/28/2006
13. I See You Looking. 3/29/2006
14. Breakfast Time 3/29/2006
15. The Stress And The Strife. 3/30/2006
16. Springs Rebirth. 4/12/2006
17. Chained. 4/13/2006
18. The Darkest Hour. 4/14/2006
19. The Final Curtain. 4/19/2006
20. Raven Black. 4/19/2006
21. Passing Through. 4/20/2006
22. Or Am I? 4/13/2006
23. Heartbeat. 4/20/2006
24. Who Am I? 4/21/2006
25. Bottled Out. 4/23/2006
26. The Downs. 4/24/2006
27. Dark Shadows. 2/7/2006
28. Waifs And Strays. 2/7/2006
29. Fields Of Red. 2/16/2006
30. Threads 2/21/2006
31. A Slice Of Natures Best. 2/22/2006
32. In Search Of Refuge. 2/22/2006
33. Streets Of Sadness. 2/23/2006
34. A Soliary Scream. 3/24/2006
35. Blood And Sand. 3/24/2006
36. Lost In Limbo. 3/24/2006
37. Hold Me Close. 3/24/2006
38. Tranquility. 6/16/2006
39. Illusions. 6/16/2006
40. A Tortured Soul. 6/20/2006

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Best Poem of Graham Jones

Fear Of The Unknown.

I come now from those foreign places
Unknown to those with hidden faces
Bedecked and different, for them to leer
As one unknown, something to fear

Am I not I that you can see?
What is the fear you see in me?
This faceless one, that makes you quake
I hold no fear its what you make

Deceive yourself if that you may
And cringe from that which spells decay
I hold no terrors in these hands
I am but a vessel to unknown lands

There is nothing to fear but fear itself
Of what, the memory of love or wealth
You will take my hand, make no mistake

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Quid Pro Quo.

My love has gone forever, I know it to be true
I know I cannot face it, like so many others do
It sits inside me waiting, like some dead thing cast aside
It gnaws and picks around my heart, till theres nothing left inside

I feel as though I'm passing through, some dark and empty state
One minute full of sadness, and the next consumed by hate
I feel so sick and helpless, I don't know what to do
Oh! God please take the pain away, or help me see it through

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