Graham Jones

Graham Jones Poems

81. Instead Of Slow And Nervous. 2/23/2006
82. A Lonely Figure. 2/23/2006
83. Now That I Am Older. 1/30/2006
84. The Riverbank. 1/30/2006
85. Fear Haunts The Eyes. 1/30/2006
86. Perchance To Dream 3/27/2006
87. Another Place Another Time 3/29/2006
88. Time. 1/31/2006
89. Today I Saw A Hedgehog. 1/31/2006
90. Daffodils 2/16/2006
91. Reflections. 2/20/2006
92. Absolution. 4/12/2006
93. The Greatest Love. 4/20/2006
94. Broken Ties. 3/2/2006
95. Locked In Time. 2/23/2006
96. Genocide. 1/27/2006
97. Blend Me A Colour. 1/28/2006
98. Forever Amber. 4/3/2006
99. An Angel Of Grace. 2/22/2006
100. Pavements Of Time. 2/20/2006
101. Moving On. 4/24/2006
102. Shame. 3/8/2006
103. Caticus Cat. 6/1/2007
104. A Mothers Fear. 3/29/2006
105. Blood Of The Innocents. 1/24/2006
106. A Small Grey Mouse. 2/6/2006
107. Within Myself. 2/20/2006
108. A Child Of The Future. 2/24/2006
109. Gods Hands. 1/28/2006
110. A Ballet In White. 2/4/2006
111. An Epitaph To A Broken Heart. 1/30/2006
112. Colour Me Blind. 3/30/2006
113. He Stands Alone. 3/26/2006
114. Cardboard City. 2/24/2006
115. Such Is The Passion 2/16/2006
116. Fear Of The Unknown. 2/22/2006
Best Poem of Graham Jones

Fear Of The Unknown.

I come now from those foreign places
Unknown to those with hidden faces
Bedecked and different, for them to leer
As one unknown, something to fear

Am I not I that you can see?
What is the fear you see in me?
This faceless one, that makes you quake
I hold no fear its what you make

Deceive yourself if that you may
And cringe from that which spells decay
I hold no terrors in these hands
I am but a vessel to unknown lands

There is nothing to fear but fear itself
Of what, the memory of love or wealth
You will take my hand, make no mistake

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Quid Pro Quo.

My love has gone forever, I know it to be true
I know I cannot face it, like so many others do
It sits inside me waiting, like some dead thing cast aside
It gnaws and picks around my heart, till theres nothing left inside

I feel as though I'm passing through, some dark and empty state
One minute full of sadness, and the next consumed by hate
I feel so sick and helpless, I don't know what to do
Oh! God please take the pain away, or help me see it through

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