Rookie (MARCH 23, 1951)


41. Forever And All Time 2/21/2009
42. When You Tell The Truth 1/24/2009
43. An Angel Flight 3/21/2009
44. My Life 8/8/2008
45. To My Love 5/24/2009
46. Autumn Love 3/14/2009
47. Borrowed Words 1/10/2009
48. A Simple Plea 2/28/2009
49. A Roundtable Tale 1/17/2009
50. Cupid 1/10/2009
51. Hell's Great Pain 1/24/2009
52. Owls, Werewolves, And Victims 1/1/2008
53. So Long, Yet Far Away (M. V.) 7/15/2008
54. November Love (My First Poem) (Two Versions) 4/6/2008
55. Garden Gate 2/21/2009
56. Warrior Swan 3/25/2008
57. Passing By 6/30/2008
58. Imagined Love 6/30/2008
59. True Love 7/23/2008
60. Paying 3/25/2008
61. The Black Things 3/25/2008
62. Perhaps 2/12/2008
63. Sorry 1/22/2008
64. Waste Love 1/22/2008
65. Stardust 2/12/2008
66. The Hunter 1/22/2008
67. My Devotion 1/22/2008
68. Harmony I (Who Cares?) 2/19/2008
69. Rejection's Temptation 1/22/2008
70. Harmony Ii (The Fourth True Love) 2/19/2008
71. A Place Beside A River 4/18/2009
72. Love's Fortune 1/4/2008
73. Thoughts Of You 3/18/2008
74. Love Uncertain 6/30/2008
75. The Girl Who Didn'T Mind 1/22/2008
76. War Crimes 5/13/2008
77. Love 6/30/2008
78. Life's Companion 7/8/2008
79. Treasure 2/6/2008
80. Who'Ll Be There? 1/1/2008

Comments about GREENWOLFE 1962

  • Ankit Mathur (10/27/2008 2:34:00 PM)

    you are one of the best writers i have ever known. your poetry really mesmerises the reader to such extent that he cannot (even if he wants) stop reading. and every time a poem is tells something more about you.
    a are sir.

    you write beautifully. (though this is an understatement)

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  • samar Halabi (9/9/2008 7:16:00 PM)

    In my opinion you are one of the greatest writers here you have your own way of writing poetry... makes the reader want to keep reading..and I really enjoy your poetry....mmmm I think words are not enough to tell about you great writings thank you very much... write more because I'd like to read more thanks again...
    Note: I liked your biography too

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  • Nathaniel Booker (9/5/2008 3:14:00 PM)

    If you haven't read any of Greenwolfe's poetry, you are truly depriving yourself. I would easy place him in my alltime top 10 best poets, I mean with such greats as Langston Hughes, Dylan Thomas, Pablo Naruda, to name a few, this guy should definitely be mention. Why do I say this, well take a moment and read just one poem, and I won't suggest any to you, just pick any one to read at random and you'll soon feel the same. I am both awed and inspired to continue to write with all my heart by reading your fine poetry. And I'm even prouder to call you... Friend. In addition, he's not one of those who makes himself inaccessible by being a read only poet and not a reader of others works, His assessments are fair and his critiques sometimes rival the beauty of the poem written. A true poet and a truer friend.

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  • Albert Wong (9/2/2008 7:18:00 AM)

    He is a good modern age poet, his works are enjoyable in my eyes. He doesn't easy to applause for any poet, but provides his fair critiques.

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  • Kris Smith (8/20/2008 4:19:00 PM)

    This poet is a must read, the structure, balance and content are pleaseing to the eye. He is easy to approach, helpful and constructive with his evaluation of your work. Read and enjoy the work of this valuable icon of modern day poetry.

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  • Brian Hinckley (8/7/2008 9:28:00 PM)

    You're a very talented writer. You have excellent form and delivery which is complimented with your storytelling ability. I have read, but yet to comment, many of your poems and have thoroughly enjoyed them.

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  • James Timothy Jarrett (7/26/2008 1:41:00 PM)

    Excellent, enjoyable poetry. Old school wordsmithing at work.

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  • Nichole Webster (7/15/2008 10:42:00 PM)

    i'm not into that love and stuff. i like the cold hard justice and carma. plus i have a short attion span. lol your poems are one of a kind. i feel like you have captured it very perfectly.

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  • Sarwar Chowdhury Sarwar Chowdhury (7/11/2008 4:34:00 AM)

    I have read some poem of this honourable poet. His poetic power is wonderful! There are many thoughtful poems here written by him.

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  • Peter Stavropoulos Peter Stavropoulos (7/10/2008 6:01:00 PM)

    Greenwolfe 1962 is a writer who challenges poetry with courage and an open heart. His verses and rhymes sometimes cut to the core of feeling. Best wishes.

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Best Poem of GREENWOLFE 1962

I'Ll Die Loving You

When I wake in early morn,
Each time the day is new.
I thank the Lord that you were born,
As I'll die loving you.

As I sit alone and pray
And cling to love so true,
I'll hope to see you once today
As I'll die loving you.

When I see the stars at night,
I wonder if you do.
And hope they have us both in sight
As I'll die loving you.

When I take my final rest,
This day, if life is through;
I'll thank the Lord I lived so blessed
That I died loving you.

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My Old Friend

My Old Friend

Well old friend, it's come to this,
As I thought it might someday.
Life is short and often sad
When things turn out this way.

I used to dread this coming day
When I was just a boy.

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