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Biography of GREG DARNELL

Was born to Charles and Donna Darnell while Dad was stationed at Tinker AFB and moved all around the States. Graduated from Izmir American HS, Izmir Turkey and soon joined the United States Navy as a sonar technician and served this country for 3 yrs active duty and 2 more in the reserves. Have been Married twice and currently live with my second wonderful wife and seriously regret the foolish decission of the first with the exception of my son. Have 2 children 3 step-children and 10 grand children through my second marriage. Yes I am young to be grandfather of ten and it has been no easy road to be acccepted by my wifes children but know that I am there is no step between us and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have been writting poetry since I was 14 and don't really use a certain style I just write them the way they come to me. I have never really sumitted them for others to see so tell me what you think.


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Oh My God!

“Oh My God! ” Did He Hear?

In the background when the towers fell,
What did people scream?
“Oh my God! ”, is the screams I’ve heard,
time and time again,
news clip to
news clip,
video to video....

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