Greg Dills

Rookie (WurtzBurg, Germany)

Biography of Greg Dills

Well im 18, i listen to music like all the time i try to be cool with just about anyone and i write poetry some people dont no why i write poem's i think i love to write.Really anyone can write poem's they just have to love to write and have lot's of talent i think people have there own destiney they have to fullfill.I almost gave up on life i won't even lie about that I gave up on love a long time ago even thoe im only 17 doesn't mean anything.I love girls i treat girls, ladies, women or whatever you wanna be called with respect.I dont ask for anything from anyone i just don't want to see girl's sad or anything like that i will stick up for a girl who needs to be protected i love my little sister that's why i won't let her date till she is 30 lol...well maybe sooner then that but she is growing up starting to like the whole thing with boy's crazy right but i kinda feel bad for the boy that she brings home becouse he will have to go threw the whole family and then some but enouph about that im just a simple minded person trying to find what his purpose is in this huge world, we call earth so i'll take all the help i can get to help in my soon to be new life away from home well i think i have a few good things about me i like meeting a load of new people i am kinda shy but im getting used to the whole meeting new people thing but i never really had those many friends i like to skateboard if i havent already mentioned it i love my friends till death i guess im doing better then when i was 15 or 16 i think this is the turning point in my life i dont like having drama in my life i am the most nicest person to ever know beleive it or not im not lieing about that but judge as you may i know who i am and what i stand by so that is all i have to say. Updates

Too Late

I'f I could separate me from myself, I'd stay away from me,
If you decide I'm wrong, and you can wait that long,
maybe it's not too late.
i will not lose you to the melting sky or to the mad parade to the bloody jaws or the fire fall. dont be afraid.
You need never know, a cold heart, heart of stone or lonely memory, you will never be alone.
I will not lose you to a world that doesn't care, to the monster's that would have you.never surrender you,
I will be there to wrap myself around y

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